Tesla Model X At Cars And Coffee – Video


Tesla Model X At Cars And Coffee

Tesla Model X At Cars And Coffee

The video begin in a rather negative tone, but once we get past the “Cars and Coffee is typically so boring” discussion, the subject of the video (a Tesla Model X) becomes the focus and this clips turns out to be one of the more informative we’ve seen thus far of the X.

Video description:

“Cars and Coffee is typically so boring that going there just to look at cars quickly loses its appeal after about thirty seconds of hanging around a parking lot where you can admire ten of the exact same Audi S4s only so much. If something you never see—like a McLaren P1—isn’t at the event, there’s not much of a reason to stick around.”

“But with this month’s Cars and Coffee, I had a compelling reason to go. That’s because, before heading over to Cars and Coffee, I was going over to Matt’s house to check out his brand new Tesla Model X.”

“I recently ran into a friend who told me about Matt and his newly obtained Telsa Model X. But Matt’s Model X wasn’t even a regular one—as if such a thing could exist. It happened to be an exclusive version of an exclusive Model X: a founder’s edition to be precise.”

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What’s up with the falcon-wing doors not fully opening?

At 2:32 he opens the falcon-wing doors via the touchscreen, but both of them don’t fully open even though the Model X is outside. It’s not even close to being fully open. The bottom edge of the falcon-wing door is lower than the roof line of the Model X.

At 3:48 the falcon-wing doors open and the driver’s side door on the touchscreen does not fully extend. It’s nowhere near as bad as before, but it’s not parallel with the ground or the passenger-side door.

The latest software allows you to open the doors partially, if you wish. He does indeed press the partial buttons (the lower circles) on the touchscreen, so this is expected.

I noticed that also. Thanks for the tip.

For bad weather?

With the partially opened falcon-wing door sticking out much further and lower, it doesn’t seem like a good feature in a crowded city like NYC. In that position the falcon-wing door could more easily get struck by a passing van or box truck, and is at decapitation height for bicyclists especially if there is a bike lane next to the door. From experience, it’s no fun getting doored by a regular car door. The brunt of the impact is absorbed by the front wheel and the rider goes over the handle bars. With the falcon-wing doors partially open, it looks like the rider’s upper body and head will be the point of contact, taking the brunt of the impact.

Why would one want to partially open the falcon-wing doors manually to a pre-set height? If there was an obstruction, wouldn’t the sensors in the falcon-wing doors detect it and partially open the falcon-wing doors to a height just shy of the obstruction, which might be higher than the pre-set partial open height on the touch screen?

A partial opening may allow the doors to close more quickly, as when dropping off.

I think the real question here is why does sven carpet-bomb Tesla threads with his pathetic anti-Tesla FUD?

I think the most likely explanation is that sven is just another Tesla short-seller who seem to do their FUD here on a regular basis.

This was an honest question. I appreciate sven’s balanced counterpoint to the over optimistic, teenage dreaming wankerfest that is the usual comments.

Good luck educating him!

Get Real. When I want to read balanced opinions/comments about Tesla I go to the Norwegian “elbilforum.no” and read the “Tesla” section where Tesla owners express their opinions about more or less everything. You should go and have a read. According to your own standarts I expect you to find out that one Norwegian Tesla owner out of two is a Tesla hater and a fudster. For all what I could read on north american EV forums comments section about Tesla makes often a IS fanatic look like Mickey Mouse in comparison. I am lost at explaining why. An explanation might be that it is the first new north american car maker for decades. The other explanation might be a “either black or white but never grey” approach to ideology we do not well understand here in Europe where common opinion is that things are more complicated than they seem at first sight. Anyway it is all an eye opener and a very interesting to watch curiosity as per a cultural point of view.

I find the discussions on the Tesla Motors Club forum to be refreshing in their candor about discussing problems openly. Occasionally someone does post an admonition to avoid discussing problems because FUDsters will copy negative comments and repeat them on other forums, but thankfully most forum participants refuse to practice self-censorship.

It’s hardly surprising that there is a different “tone” at InsideEVs, since this is an advocacy site. InsideEVs doesn’t just report EV news, it advocates that EVs are better than gasmobiles, and should replace them. This website is not at all neutral, and it attracts readers who likewise are not neutral on the subject of EVs.

Sven’s mission on Earth is taking the 2% negative of electric cars and making it appear as 50%.

Believe me, I wish I could live in a fantasy world like you do, where you create your own version of reality no matter how crazy it might be.

We all live in a world of our own creation, a fantasy world.

The more Sven hates Tesla the more we know they are doing something right 😉

We have a cars and coffee in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area . We have some with the Tesla mode P90D Ludicrus and one member just got his Tesla mode X.
The Teslaowners.us brings members with the Tesla. I’m odering a model 3 so I will be at these in 2017.

“I’m odering a model 3 so I will be at these in 2018.”

there, fixed it for you. 😉

And yet you didn’t fix “odering”. 😉

Haha, busted.

Minnesota Cars & Coffee tops them all 😉 with over 900 total show cars, 300 unique models, and 3000+ attendees… including cars like the P1, 918 and more!

Since they have nothing better to do.

That has to be a terrifying pre and post event in February.

That 3rd row seat looks tight on the headroom…