Tesla Model X At 2016 Geneva Motor Show (Photos,Videos), Euro Signature Editions Priced


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

After a noticeable absence at the NAIAS in Detroit in January, Tesla presented its latest model at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

A blue Tesla Model X in top-of-the-line P90D edition (with Ludicrous Mode) is attracting a lot of attention at the show.

Presenting Model X in Geneva is important from a sales outlook – Switzerland is one of the best markets for Tesla in Europe, and due to the mountainous area, residents there do like AWD.

The success of Model S “D” with AWD probably heralds strong demand for the Model X.A Tesla Model S was present on stage, too.

We should note that perhaps in response to the inevitable questions of “when are you going to start selling the Model X in Europe“, Tesla quietly opened up  orders to early Model X Signature reservists just the day before the show.

Some early pricing reports on the Model X (remembering these are pricier Signature editions – via Tesla Motors Club):

  • 162,000  € in Netherlands
  • CHF 153,650 in Switzerland
  • 1.339.700 kr in Norway
  • 167,650 € in France
  • 159,200 in Germany

For some context, these number represent about a 5% premium over US prcing (accounting for currency/taxes)

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

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19 responses to "Tesla Model X At 2016 Geneva Motor Show (Photos,Videos), Euro Signature Editions Priced"
  1. 2013VOLT says:

    Very cool looking car, loving that blue. If only there was an option for normal rear doors.

    1. Skryll says:

      Normal rear doors, a gas engine, gears, … Horses…

      1. floydboy says:

        The things tha turn it from a tour-de-force into an also ran. Not to mention, that ‘zero emissions’ moniker would go up in smoke with the investors.

        1. BraveLilToaster says:

          That was obviously sarcasm, since nobody is going to actually add real horses to a car they’re trying to sell.

    2. TomArt says:

      Agreed – that’s the best I’ve seen it so far (never seen it in person yet, though).

    3. david xeriatis says:

      those rear doors will be so unpleasant when the rain, wind and snow are swirling around. A totally ridiculous design.

  2. RexxSee says:

    Is this guano on the hood? 😉

    1. Anon says:

      I guess we can fault the show for having too many point lights in the ceiling, and the Model X for being too reflective. 😉

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:


        At my first glance thru those photos, I thought there was confetti being blown around and landing on the car. I had to look more carefully to realize I was seeing a myriad of lights on the ceiling and reflected in the Model X’s paint job!

  3. evcarnut says:

    Can’t Blame them for N0t being to the Detroit auto show , after all the Hungawa & BS Michigan lobbyiests, auto dealers & “Gm” are flinging at them.. To Kill Tesla…JUST LET THEM SELL THEIR CARS ALREADY!!.”USA” LAND OF THE FREE !…YEA RIGHT!!!

  4. floydboy says:

    This thing’s so aerodynamically sleek looking(especially for an suv) that the mirrors actually seem out of place.

  5. ffbj says:

    Cool. Similar to the Model S I just ordered:

    1. Bob A. says:

      THAT is quite cool.

      Though, I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. 🙂

  6. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Sorry, still not loving the style of Model X.

    Model S is great looking, I just don’t love the Model X.

    I hope Model 3 can be equally good looking.

    1. Prad says:

      I prefer Model X’s front with his falcon beak and eyes.

      1. TomArt says:

        It does look pretty cool. S and X are obviously the same, yet different. The X is growing on me.

  7. Get Real says:

    Really smart move by Tesla to display the X in Geneva. Switzerland has been a great market for Tesla and the X will sell well there too.

    The Swiss are not as conflicted as the overall very conservative and brand nationalistic Germans on EVs

  8. Koenigsegg says:

    Looks awesome with the suspension lowered and 22’s

    really really cool looiking

  9. PVH says:

    The increase of Tesla sales in Switzerland will hopefully compensate for the decrease of Norwegian sales (compared to 2014).