Tesla Model X Accelerates Away From Being Rear-Ended – Video


As seen in the video above, an alert Tesla driver narrowly manages to move his Model X just in time before being rear-ended in a multi-car crash.

Model X Accelerates Away From Crash

You can hear the Model X squeal its tires (around the 10-second mark) as it speeds away from what’s sure to be a rear-ending during this small pile up on the interstate.

Video description is simply “Accident video for insurance.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Teslas acceleration enable it to escape a crash and it won’t be the last.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear as though anyone was injured in this pile up.

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He was lucky to have the extra space in front of him too. I like how autopilot makes you get used to leaving more space.

t looks to me like the driver of that SUV wasn’t paying attention (or horribly misjudged what was about to happen). It didn’t seem to approach at a very high rate of speed nor brake very hard prior to the impact. Good thing the Model X driver was attentive though.

Yep, it’s almost as if the driver was afraid to brake hard. Super weird.

Nissan added “brake assist” to the earliest LEAF based on research showing that people don’t brake hard enough to prevent avoidable accidents. This tech caused the brakes to engage at 100% if you push the pedal down rapidly. It was terrible.

I thought the Model X’s traction control prevents the wheels from squealing. I can’t recall a single Model X or S acceleration video or drag video where the Tesla squealed its wheels. The driver of the car behind the Tesla must have depressed the brakes as hard as possible and it was his wheels that squealed as they brought his car and the car behind him to a stop.

Anyways this story is in stark contrast to the Model X that recently got hit on a highway in China where the batteries started to explode setting the car on fire, and the falcon-winged doors refused to open. It’s mindbogglingly stupid that Tesla hid the emergency latch for the falcon-winged doors behind the speaker cover.

How do you know the batteries caught on fire?

How about a link to you’re story SVEN.

A lot of stories are commonly fabricated believe it or not.

Oh Sven, please stop. Your postings are simply polluting otherwise constructive, independent commentary. If you post because you are paid to do so (which seems likely), that’s a real shame.


Too bad the Tesla wasn’t using
Safe ultra high pressure H2 storage!

*Note: Storing high pressure H2 is not actually safe; high pressure H2 is not for everyone, talk to your climate scientist before making any transportation energy decisions.

I believe the squealing was the BMW accelerating after being hit. You can see the BMW stop without issue then after being hit, brake lights go out, accelerating into the Corolla and then start pushing the Corolla towards the Model X which then started accelerating away from the impending impact. A very bizarre collision.

It was the Tesla.

Tires can easily spin on uneven ground.

So the Tesla also have rear avoidance?

Almost seems that way.

Boy. Is it just me? This video is about as clear as mud as to what happened. Maybe if we had a rear camera view it would clear thing up …and I agree with Sven. I don’t think the Tesla will squeal its tires

I don’t even see the Model X.

It’s the white car in front of the BMW and the Honda. The SUV runs into the BMW first.

I’m the driver of the model X. This happened about two months ago. I did get hit with very minimal damage. The quick acceleration definitely helped me avoid intensive damage. The tires squealing I don’t believe we’re mine I thought it was the corolla or Bmw but it all happened very fast so I’m not sure.

Thanks for the clarification. It did look like your Model X was lightly hit when I watched the video full screen.

Thank you for taking the time to post a clarification! 🙂

The tire squeal was from behind the Model X. The car that was first bumped, pushed into the car ahead, who braked which caused the other cars tires to squeal, as that person was pushing the accelerator.

Also surprising how little damage the BMW rear bumper seemed to have.

They’re designed to conceal it. I had a Honda that was rear ended. The bumper cover looked fine (it flexed). But underneath, the bumper supports and exhaust were mangled.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

This happened to me in my 2012 Leaf. The turn off to the road leading to my house has no dedicated turn lane, so I have to stop and wait for a break in oncoming traffic. I saw a guy barreling down on me in my mirror and I floored it before he hit me.

I didn’t move at Tesla speeds, but if I had been driving my Sentra I would have been rear-ended at about 45 mph.