Tesla Model X #8 Spotted Charging In The Wild


Thanks to our friends over at eMotorWerks, we present two images of Tesla Model X #8 in the wild.

Sightings of production Model X CUVs are still exceptionally rare as just a couple dozen (at most) have been delivered, yet here one is charging at a Tesla Supercharger.

Here’s what eMotorWerks says (via Twitter) – focusing just on the VIN #:

“#modelx Number 8 in the wild! 72A charge current (non SuperCharger) selected at the bottom! (But X has std UMC…)?”

Tesla Model X #8 Supercharging

Tesla Model X #8 Supercharging

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280 mile range ?

The caption wriiter has misinterpreted the meaning of “72 A” – note that this section of the screen is greyed out. The lower screen is used to set the desired current draw during a timed charging session, usually done at home in your garage after midnite to take advantage of lower electric rates. This X has dual chargers with an upper limit of 80 amps but the owner has chosen to charge at a slightly lower rate. His actual charge rate at the supercharger is 151 amps, to the right of the power bar. This is actually pretty low for a supercharger; must have been a full house.

Actually the caption writer is correct. Check your facts. Hint: Google for “Model X 72 amps”.

Founder series Model X have a single internal 72A charger when connected to AC sources. Greyed out here since this is charging via supercharger.

You’re 0 for 2 on your facts. Not only does this car have a single 72A AC charger and not dual chargers (as the other two responders noted), but the 151A at 390V is not low for a supercharger in this setting. The battery has more than 50% state of charge (141/240 mile rated range).

Looks great in White. I hope they start more deliveries soon. I was hoping they could match the model S production of over 1,000 a month for the big EV sales report.

“(But X has std UMC…)?”

What is “UMC”?

One definition at http://www.acronymfinder.com is “Universal Mind Control”, but I doubt that’s it, despite what some who are jealous of Elon say… 😉

I just searched a few seconds on the internet (tesla umc):
“[…] should you leave the Tesla Charger or otherwise known as the Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) plugged into the wall?”


Thank you, notting! 🙂

So will we see double digits deliveries in November?
What happened to the superfast ramp-up promised for the Model X?

Or maybe the question is how long until they start the actual production (non-handmade but actually starting the production line)?

I’m feeling so impatient. It feels like the Model 3 will get postponed when the Model X don’t get out in numbers (so that they can shift focus and get cash-flow into the company).

I was waiting for the Model 3 since back when it was supposed to come out this year, decided to pull the trigger on a Model S … If there is one thing we’ve learned is that delays are a common occurrence with Telsa. But once they hammer out production issues the X should ramp up fast.

Mikael asked:

“What happened to the superfast ramp-up promised for the Model X?”

I’d be interested to see if you can find any quote from any Tesla spokesman who “promised” a “superfast” ramp-up in production, or even said anything which could be reasonably interpreted that way.

I think you’re conflating some wrong-headed predictions by those who write Internet articles with what Tesla reps have actually said. Wrong-headed predictions by those who clearly don’t understand that Tesla Motors is still a fairly new car company, a company which will ramp up production slowly and carefully on a new model, just as they did with the Model S.

Tesla is continually ramping up production, yes. But I think nearly all of that ramp-up during 2015 will be Model S production. We can expect significant ramp-up of Model X during 2016, but almost certainly not this year.

Musk has said repeatedly that they wanted an aggressive/fast ramp. But, it’s Elon Musk so listen carefully. That doesn’t mean going from a few slowly-built Founders models quickly (they wouldn’t necessarily be hand-built, because they’d build them by testing the assembly line), it means that at the point they feel ready to produce in large volume, _then_ they’d look to increase the run rate rapidly. And, being an Elon Musk statement it’s quite likely that it won’t be able to happen quickly. The one advantage compared to the S is that there is some part sharing, and the new assembly workers added for the X can get assembly experience building the S.

Sadly, the Model X launch wasn’t a launch; it was a lie. These cars are partially hand built, and there is no production ramp. At best you can call them “production prototypes”. Tesla dreams cars which cannot be cleanly manufactured. Sadly, with the emphasis on new technology with the Model 3, we can expect this trend to continue. It’s like Tesla is run by a bunch of geeks that can’t resist adding the latest shiny new thing.

…like others who ‘can’t resist adding’ to particularly weighted Tesla statements :rolleyes:

I see Three Oil Companies is posting Tesla-hating FUD again. What a troll.

I don’t think that is quite fair as he does have a point about it, the Model X launch, not really being a launch.
I think they will eventually get the bugs worked out and clean-up production, but right now it is constrained.

Pushimi-Pullyu is a concern troll. 🙁

Well at least I learned the meaning of a new,for me, phrase.

It’s interesting that the Tesla Model X is listed on the fueleconomy.gov site as a 2016 model year car and has no listing for 2015. I thought Tesla model years followed the calendar year in which the car was built. Did Tesla try to save money by not getting a 2015 model year certified with the EPA, since it expects to build so few Model X’s in the 2015 calendar year?



Gigafactory is going to be net zero – carbon neutral

but i wouldn’t expect you to understand what that means

I thought the front nosepiece under the black “t” shape was white! It looks translucent here, I can see a black outline. Is this a mirage?

Yes. Its just a Mirage. The shadow makes it appear that way. Its solid opaque. Look at the right side. You can see its completely opaque.

I thought it was in house construction of the second row seats that is causing the delay.

I really hope you have better friends than EMW. Their business practices are deplorable.

Musk clearly said that they have issues with door seals. Obviously a door seal is not a complex item. The problem probably is that the doors are big and heavy and supports are not strong enough to hold them tight in place. I expect this to be an issue during the life of the vehicle.