Tesla Model X 60D Upgrade To 75D Now Just $4,500


Access to an additional 15 kWh now costs only $4,500.

Last night, Tesla sent out a note to owners of the 60 kWh versions of the Model S and X with some new information on upgrading to 75 kWh.

We already are aware of pricing for the Model S upgrade from 60 to 75, but now we’ve learned thatย Tesla has made it even more affordable to upgrade your lowl Model X 60D to a 75D via an over-the-air software upgrade.

The upgrade is just $4,500, which is some $2,000 less than the old price of $6,500.

Not as enticing as the $2,000 upgrade for the Model S, but still a rather swell deal.

Below you’ll see that range should improve by ~37 miles via the 5-minute-or-less OTA software update.

Tesla Model X 60D

Source: Reddit, Electrek

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Not sure it’s as enticing as the Model S upgrade.

On a long supercharging trip typically there is almost no difference in travel time, as you would typically be charging from 10% to 60% with a dense charging network in the 75D, and you can reach this effective SOC in the 60D as well. Maybe there’s a little difference if you have a long stop at a supercharger (walk out for dinner), as the car can top up to 100%.

As the charging network fills in, there will be even less benefit as the 10% to 60% charge will be easily obtained.

For trips in the 150-250 mile range, there can be a little difference as the higher initial state of charge (“super range charge”) can reduce the number of stops. Ex: Baltimore to NYC is 1 stop in the X 75D, 2 stops in the X 60D. Saves about 15 minutes.

Unless you drive 150+ miles on a daily basis, or have common routes where you can save a stop, it seems like a tough upgrade to justify.

The price discrimination here is a bit obvious, and off-putting. The S gets a cheaper upgrade because X buyers are presumed to be richer and/or dumber.

Looks like they know you…. but look at the bright side, for your imaginary Model X you can upgrade with imaginary dollars! What a deal, heh!

Tesla may have also felt the S and X were simply too close in price.

Prices are set based on what the market will bear.

Hey, can we get a couple videos of this ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously though why the price difference between the S and the X? That’s just mean.

Yeah, it’s not like other auto makers charge higher prices for options on their halo cars than they do for similar options on less expensive models.

Oh, wait… ๐Ÿ™„

* * * * *

Once again we see that the serial Tesla bashers whine about Tesla doing exactly what every other auto maker does, as if somehow industry norms are unusual or “bad” just because Tesla does them.

*Sigh* ๐Ÿ™

Here let me talk about Ford’s pricing on a post about Tesla! That makes zero sense…

Questioning the pricing difference between the S and X is a real issue and question of WHY?? Its the same exact battery and the same pack.

I’d say it’s pretty obvious that it’s a matter of supply and demand. Tesla will charge what it thinks it can get, like any for-profit corporation.

Model X in general probably has a higher demand/lower availability than the S, since it’s been available for a shorter time and SUVs are so popular right now. And specifically for the upgrade from 60 to 75 I’d also expect higher demand for the X because it has worse range than the S, and also has potentially higher energy use applications like towing.

Another reason I would never own a X, Tesla just tries to jack everything with that SUV up to levels that are absurd.

BTW, its 11k to go from 75 to 90 but 6k for 90 to 100? Why in the world is it 773 and 600 per kWh??

1. In the real world, the engineering and construction cost of one increase is often quite different than the cost of a different increase, even if the percent increases are quite similar.

2. In the real world, pricing often has more to do with supply and demand, and other market forces, rather than being strictly based on actual costs.

Is there an upgrade from 75D to 1000

Seems like a rip off that unlocking the same capacity in the X75 costs $2500 more than in the S75. The only thing that I can think of that makes sense here is that the X75 has far less margin than the S75 (which makes sense with those silly doors).

Hmmm, if Tesla keeps lowering the cost of unlocking the extra battery capacity, then owners might be tempted to wait another year or two in the hopes that Tesla will give it to them for free! ๐Ÿ˜›

I would upgrade my X for around $2,500. $4,500 does not make sense for the extra $$$