Tesla Model X 5 Seater Walkthrough- Video


This video showcases the the 5-seat version of the Tesla Model X launched in late 2016. The fold-flat seats allow for up to 88 cubic feet of cargo space. That figure is best-in-class, according to Tesla.

5 Seat Tesla Model X

5 Seat Tesla Model X

The 5-seat version of the Model X is standard, with the 6-seat version costing an additional $3,000 and the 7-seater option coming in at $4,000.

In the 5-seat X, the seats can either fold down individually or in their entirety. This make the X much more versatile now in regards to cargo/passenger hauling.

Video description:

“This shows the second row seats of a 5-seater Tesla Model X.”

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This is the way the X should have been from the get go. They should have used the folding head rest feature lots of cars are using now to address the issue of folding the rear seats with the front seats back and reclined. Kind of a fumble there. If it were a Kia Rio, I’d give this a pass, but it’s not. It’s one of the most expensive CUVs you can buy. Don’t start cheaping out Tesla.

Very nice. Now make a Model X that has conventional doors in the back for less $.

Tesla dropped the ball when it designed the Model X’s second-row seats for the 5, 6, and 7-seat configurations. Honda, on the other hand hit a home run with its innovative “magic slide” second-row seats in the 2018 Honda Odyssey. Not only are they more functional and practical then the second-row seats in the Model X, but more importantly Honda’s “magic slide” second row seats can significantly improve safety for children and adults sitting in the second row in case of T-bone accident. These are the seats that Tesla should have designed for the Model X. The center seat in the Odessey’s second row is removable, which gives owners the ability to drive around with the 7-seat configuration (with 3 seat third row) most of the time while retaining the ability to add a extra seat when desired/required. Unlike the 6 or 7-seat Model X, the Honda’s second row seats fold down. What make the Odessey’s second-row seats a safety innovation, is their ability to slide inwards when the middle seat is removed. This allow easy access to the third row. But more importantly, second row passengers, including babies in child seats, are seated away from the doors. The seat’s… Read more »

This is better-worded description of what the Magic Slide second row seat system can do:

“A new Magic Slide second-row seat system brings four different seating configurations to meet people-moving, cargo-hauling and accessibility needs. Separation mode has the center seat out and the captain’s seats in the outer positions. Buddy mode has the center seat out and the captain’s seats pushed together in the center. Easy Access mode has the seat behind the driver moved to the center and forward so front passengers can be within close reach of a child, and Super mode is Easy Access but with the seatback tilted forward for wide-open access to the third-row.”


Ummm… they have to put that big ol’ battery pack somewhere. The Odyssey uses a much more space efficient energy storage system, the gas tank.

My inner Grammar Nazi says:

“In the 5-seat X, the seats can either fold down individually or in there entirety.”

Should be “their” rather than “there”.

I’m quite pleased with the marked decrease in obvious grammatical errors since the takeover of InsideEVs by Motor1.com. This is one of the few exceptions I’ve noticed.

Yupe, one slipped by there, needs a little edit.

/fixed, thanks!

Hate these style of seats compared to the 6&7 seaters. I’ll take my awesome looking 7 seats and falcon wing doors any day.

Any Chance on a Less Cushy, Utility Van Variant of the Model X, without second row seating, suitable for Work Truck and/or Camper Conversions?

Much better. Now make one with normal doors and make it cheaper.

Yep. I was waiting for the 5 seat, Exhanced Autopilot, Titanium Silver combination for the 60D and the planets never got into alignment for that. That would have made living with the FWDs and frameless (wind noisy) front windows worth it. But oh well.

Following in the industry tradition of “fold flat” meaning “fold almost flat”. And they are far from the worst offender.

The abyss thing is kind of funny and kind of sad. This poor guy could have a permanent rattle now because he can’t get his key out.

All in all this looks like a good setup. Although given the extra cost and loss of width in the X versus the S I don’t see one wouldn’t just get an S instead, it’ll be a better 5 seater and have the same length of cargo bay. Maybe if you want to load a drumset in the back or something?

unlucky said:
“The abyss thing is kind of funny and kind of sad. This poor guy could have a permanent rattle now because he can’t get his key out.”

Meh. That’s just a short-term problem that will solves itself. Now that this Model X owner posted this video on YouTube, would-be thieves know that they can steal it by just hopping in and driving away. LOL! 😀