Tesla Model SD Rendered


Behold…the Tesla Model SD.

It’s a retro slick rendering that’s not at all practical (no rear window, those ridiculous suicide doors), but it sure does catch our attention.

Despite what must be a coffin-like interior due to how enclosed the Model SD is, we can’t help but to be drawn to what’s surely the most stylish Tesla rendering we’ve laid eyes open.

It’s old meets new and it’s stunning (though the front end might need some minor tweaking).

The renderer (Steel Drake) provides us with some details:

“Now it’s time for the car. The world has so many good designers but it doesn’t help a lot of auto companies to make their cars better and many cars today look awful. Tesla has the same problem, innovative company without proper design.”

“Having experience in industrial design, I’ve discovered one main thing, “Design must be born in 3d environment”, sketch is just a vision. A number of designers create amazing sketches, but we often see finished car products different from presented vision at the end, because there is a huge gap between art designers, 3d modellers and engineers, that only few companies can overcome.”

“I’m confident that great design can be created only in 3d environment (software), it’s like a clay master and his sculpture.”

Steel Drake doesn’t says why the model name of Model SD was selected, but were rather certain it’s linked to the initials (SD) of his name.

Tesla Model SD Render

Some dimensions (in millimeters):

  • Length – 4,925
  • Width – 1,930
  • Height – 1,400

Tesla Model SD Render

Tesla Model SD Render

Tesla Model SD Render

Tesla Model SD Render

Tesla Model SD Render

Source: Behance

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Doesn’t follow any Tesla design language…Sort of an MB EQ inspired front with an Alfa Romeo grill and a Lexus RC inspired rear…Even the rims have some major backspacing…

After the M3, we’ll have the Y, new roadster and pickup truck…


I don’t know about the front but that backside is might might sexy IMO.


Absolutely looks like an Alfa …


It is an Alfa Romeo… Not a Tesla.


some SAAB 9-5 influence…


“Tesla has the same problem, innovative company without proper design.”

Wow. Arrogance has no superlative with this guy. The simple fact that this chimera of automotive design he has produced begs and borrows from a fistful of existing designs tells me this was a stab at getting a name out there. Attack Tesla because it gets you in the news. At this point, I’d rather see the latest from Daihatsu than another mud-slinger from Kyrgyzstan. Stick to growing apricots!

HAHA +1 I will agree with Steel Drake (?) about the gap between 3d modelers, engineers and art designers. This has always been the case though as this tug-o-war goes on and on, one seeing style as kind and the others putting the practical needs of performance and utility as higher priority. 3d modeling is great as it saves much time and money wasted on clay models of the past. Instead of many clay model attempts, 3d modeling makes only one clay model necessary. I will disagree totally with you Eric as we know taste is subjective. “Slick” and “stunning” are not words I’d use in describing this mess. From a designer’s standpoint ( more my area ), I hate it immensely. No congruity, just weird lines for the sake of being weird. Put on my engineer cap and the utility of this design is zero. The cab forward design of Model 3 makes sense as to open up midsize passenger room, headroom and the like with it’s angle of roof arch and glass moonroof having aesthetic, aerodynamic and practical purpose. To me, that takes genius – a syncing of form and function. This thing is all over the place.… Read more »

It’s a modern version of the Alfaab


This looks like a reductio ad absurdum example of form over function.



Whoever did that render obviously has a lot of talent, both in automotive design and in computer painting skills.

Too bad he doesn’t have the confidence of showcasing his talent alone. Someone that talented shouldn’t feel the need to latch on to the coat-tails of Tesla’s popularityto show off his render.

And altho it’s a visually pleasing design, it’s not even remotely like anything Tesla would ever make, even as a concept car. No rear window and a ridiculously high “beltline”? Seriously? Tesla likes acres and acres of window glass!


Coupes are an odd breed. Coupes are more halo to a brand than anything else.

Coupes sell to singles. Those of us who are more aware of aesthetic cool than who/what we can haul. The modern 4 door coupe styling which gen 2 Volt seems to mimic is going to compromise in headroom for the back seat.

Honda Accords sell like pizza at Dominoes. The coupe version of the Accord has sold in very limited quantities. Why does Honda seem to insist on the coupe? I don’t know, other than there is a market for single professionals who value style over function, and it gives the brand a sporty face.

Nobody likes to be “boring”, and that was the end to the rise of the minivan. Image does sell. It seems the challenge is to find that image that appeals to many – which has that sneaky practicality baked in.


Coupes have one very practical advantage, and that’s visibility when checking the blind spot due to the B pillar being so much further back.

Given that the vast majority of cars in the road have one driver in it, that maybe half of buyers rarely need seating for over two, and that even families only need one people hauler out of 2 or more vehicles, a coupe’s disadvantages are meaningless to many buyers.

As for the importance of style, that’s how it’s been for ages, and for good reason.


“SD” stands for “short denizens” since, if you actually look for how much headroom is allowed, especially in the back, no-one taller than 5’8″ is going to have a straight neck in that car.

Just because a design firm sends you some renders doesn’t mean you need to subject your readership to it.


Could also mean “suicide doors”


Another day, another Tesla rendering here on Inside EVs 🙂

or is it two? I can’t keep up to be honest.


One too many…
This is the ugliest yet.



I am NOT digging the goofy high belt line on the rear windows. Some poor proportions as well. Looks stubby, not stylish. Suicide doors? Stop already. They will never happen on production cars in America again, so stop imagining them. No rear window?? What’s the point? A rear window is cheap, efficiently lets light in with no need for energy and comes in 1 zillion resolution display. Wanna instantly date your concept? Make it in matte finish.

Agree with others, there is nothing here that says Tesla.


2018 Studebaker Revival Concept.

Don Zenga

If this rendering is ever produced, then how many of it will be sold depends on how many Mr. Steel Drake will buy, because no one else will buy a car like this.

Model S sells because its very functional and also fast.

It will be better if Tesla’s next vehicle is a Van like this which is very functional and is in wide usage in Asia.


Robert Weekley

That Van in your link is 1% more aerodynamic than a brick!

Also it looks like those Vans that they turn into a Car Bomb!

Rick Kop

I like it!


It looks like a Soviet era vehicle. Truly awful.


Looks nice, and fresh
Some elements could easily be used, like all the front is one big logo.


That’s horrendous. It’s a Veloster.

Nice render, I guess, but it just looks like a shoe


I’m reminded of a Citroën DS.


Sorry but “by far” I prefer the real Tesla design clues

Jacked Beanstalk

The guy who created that monstrosity dares to criticize Tesla’s design? AYFKM? That thing would be one of the ugliest cars on the road!

Anthony castro

BUT!! Does it have an “SD” card slot?