Tesla Model SC 2+2 Coupe Rendered


As rendering extraordinaire Theophilus Chin says, “There’s a huge market for an electric 2+2 GT” and this here Tesla Model SC is “the right product for that niche.”

We Likes What We See

We Likes What We See

Chin is the same man who brought us a rendered Tesla Model S wagon, dubbed the Model ST, in early 2013.   To us, the wagon didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense, considering a standard Model S does offer optional seating for seven.

But this sweet-looking 2+2 coupe is altogether different in that we believe it would be wise of Tesla to produce such a vehicle.  Relatively simple, too.

The versatility of the Model S would only be slightly compromised by the deletion of two doors.  The luggage space possibly squeezed down a bit, but other than that, we see no reason why some of Tesla’s more sport-oriented buyers wouldn’t swoop up a 2+2 coupe.

That’s our take.  Now it’s time for yours.

via Theophilus Chin

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Where you put the door seam on a car is like one piece or 2 piece swimsuit/underwear on a girl. It makes a difference getting in and out (it’s worse in the coupe!!!!!!!!!!!), but it’s the same when it gets down to business.

George Bower

This makes sense in light of the fact that I’ve heard people complain that the current S is too large.


It will be a direct competitor to the DB9, though the Model SC could be quicker, cheaper to purchase and own, more practical than the DB9 and likely could even be quicker than the Model S. Considering if the make such a car within 3 – 5 years, the electronics, inverters and so on could ring a couple of more power out of the Model S’ current drivetrain.
Though, being a competitor to the DB9, they’ll hardly be any large production numbers for the Model SC, especially compared to the Model S’ peak of 20,000 a year. Making the SC may be inefficient and I don’t think Musk might approve of that.
Let alone that, I really doubt there’ll be any variants such as Coupé or station wagon for any model from Tesla.

Josh Bryant

How many people not willing to buy Model S would buy the 2+2? The wheelbase has to be the same due to the needed battery pack commonality to keep the “skateboard” the same.

The Model X and possible truck are almost the same level of engineering effort and open far larger markets, hence a better investment.


Given that this car will likely cost the consumer as much as – if not more than – the current Model S, I completely agree with you. This doesn’t open nearly as many new markets for Tesla as the Model X, so it’s probably a non-starter at this point in the game.

All that could change in the next 5-7 years, though, as Tesla fills it their portfolio. I would expect this kind of diversification from them then, not now.


Price it to be competitive or slightly lower than the BMW i3 with optional ranges, and it will be a winner!