Tesla Model S & X Launch In Jordan

Tesla Model S, New Zealand


We can now add Jordan to the still-growing list of countries where one can order a Tesla Model S and/or Model X.

Though the official launch occurred at the end of March with Tesla putting out a short press release, people in Jordan, like in other countries around the globe, have been importing Teslas for quite some time now.

Tesla Model X

As Tesla acknowledges:

“…interest from pioneering owners who have already imported Model S and Model X vehicles into the region, has highlighted a strong demand for the brand.”

Tesla has four Superchargers up and running in Jordan, as well as eight destination charging sites.

Tesla adds:

β€œIn addition to convenient home charging, Tesla has designed the most sophisticated electric vehicle charging network in the world, the Supercharger and Destination charging networks, so owners can travel wherever and whenever they want. Tesla has already opened eight Destination charging locations and four Supercharger stations in the region, allowing drivers to recharge their vehicles in minutes rather than hours.”

First official deliveries of the S and X in Jordan should occur sometime this summer.

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What is newsworthy about that?

Tesla is moving into new territory.

Most likely Tesla might be the only electric car brand for sale though in this county.

Jordan has been building up a lot of new solar projects over the last year.

So now Israelis can also quietly buy and service a Tesla in Jordan, without offending their arab neighbors.

Its ironic that a no-oil EV is the fastest growing new car in the wealthy oil countries. Its another sign that most ICE cars are going to die out if they don’t go EV, but they don’t know it yet.

(Shh, its a secret, Don’t tell the ICE giants of Detroit. πŸ™‚