Tesla Model S & X U.S. Sales Soar To Nearly 6,000 Combined


For a non-end-of-the-quarter-month, these results are much higher than most expectations.

Checking in with a combined sales total of 5,950 units, both the Tesla Model S and Model X impress us with U.S. sales volume for November.

Check out our Tesla Model 3 sales estimate for November here

The model-by-model breakdown for the month of November is as follows:

It’s not often that combined sales of these two Teslas check in such a high volume, but as witnessed in our monthly sales report, November is turning out to be a collectively strong month for several plug-in electric vehicle manufacturers.

Looking Back

For October, we estimated the following for sales of these two Teslas:

  • Tesla Model S – 1,350 units in October
  • Tesla Model X  – 1,225 units in October

So, as you can clearly see, November marks a massive improvement.

However, both November and October fall well below September’s results when our estimates put both cars at a volume of 3,750 for the Model S and 3,975 for the Model X.

It’ll be interesting to see how the end-of-the-quarter push plays out next month.

**Tesla Model 3 sales to follow later today

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The model 3 hype is leading people to TMS and TMX

It’s more likely the end of the $7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla is bumping up TMS and TMX sales as 2018 comes to a close.

Coincidentally, a reduction in incentives by 31 December in The Netherlands creates competition for those Model S’s and X’s. I hope Tesla can make enough of them in December to serve both markets.

Class-leading products are leading people to Models S, 3 X.

or. . if these numbers are for global sales .. they have no Model 3 to buy until sometime next year.. if they have been waiting in line for 2-3 years. . or else they have to wait until 2020.. or even 2021 (not likely).

By 2020-2021 Tesla is supposed to have Model Y in production in the US and China.. if some people will change their mind and choose a model Y insted will be interesting to see.

Based on a Model 3, they can just give it a more roomy SUV/CUV like top. They clearly have got Model 3 in OK production now, and all they have learned will be included in new production facilities. Production ramp up will normally be much shorter because of this.

These are US only numbers, not global numbers.

That ‘s good, since the numbers was fairly low.

Not cannibalizing them as some feared both on the supply and demand side. Let’s hope this holds true across makers and brands, at least while the EV share is growing. Success begets success, or some such 🙂

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s the final quarter for $7.5k tax credit.

China sales will have been hit by the high tariffs.
Could well have been meeting US demand in month 2 instead of the usual month 3.
Also, potentially trying to clear the decks for higher Model 3 production in December, as they begin to make vehicles for export.

How about the other way around? A lot of people see the TM3 as a more affordable, and/but in certain ways better car than the glamorous model S? (which had become famous before there was the TM3).

Are these numbers for the US only? I don‘t see any mention of the market

Yes they are, first days of the month this site always reports US data 🙂

Yes. If InsideEVs don’t mention the market they imply the US. I agree they should make it clear.

Refer to https://insideevs.com/monthly-plug-in-sales-scorecard/
It clearly says US EV Sales

I bet it was last minute last $7500 tax write off sales. Originally October was the last month of end of year shipment. They were delivered in November instead of December. Next month with probably about the same seeing Tesla bumped up the date to the end of November for December delivery.

I do agree, that M3 sales and the stability it adds for Tesla has created word of mouth sales and increased confidence in the brand.

Agreed. Same thing is happening with Blot and Volt. While you can still get the full $7500 in early 2019 from buying a GM EV, you’ll likely have to wait until 2020 to use the writeoff.

Not really…Wasn’t it reported that like 55% of Volts and 80% of Bolt EVs were LEASED?

This is good news needed more US sales since China sales will probably be a lot less than last November.
I hope Tesla changes there mind about cutting prices now in China and wait a little while to see if tariffs get cut to 15% again.

Shame on me for believing Trump’s tweet that a deal had been made on China cutting auto tariffs and buying more from the US. I never believe him for good reason. He simply is incapable of telling the truth.

Trump is as believable as Elon’s 420 tweet.

Every time Trump tweets there’s a lie or he’s trying to interfere with the Muller investigation. can’t wait to see Trump’s tax returns.

Where’s the numbers for the Mirai?

Under, also of note this November:

Toyota delivered 194 Mirai fuel cell vehicles

They also stopped the shipping based on delivery distance (farther to ship cars build first in a quarter), so it should flatten the deliveries.

The trend toward SUV continues… X outsells the S again!

Wow they sold that many in the US last month. I wonder how many they were able to ship outside the US? Is it about 50/50 nowadays for US/rest of the world for the total produced model S and model X?

Over the course of a quarter it works out close to 50/50, and during the second month of each quarter about half go overseas. In the first month, many more go overseas, while in the last month most are delivered in the U.S.

Sooo… which potential ICE models declined by that many?

Well, it’s not going to be a record year for the Model S or Model X, that’s for sure. I hope that refresh coming includes a price drop.

It won’t.