Tesla Model S, X Redeem Ratings Points From Consumer Reports For OTA Update


Tesla Model X New OTA Update Helps With CR Ratings

Tesla’s over-the-air update to the automatic emergency braking system is rolled out and functional, which has restored some points in Consumer Reports’ vehicles ratings.

A few weeks ago Consumer Reports lowered the scores for new Model S and X vehicles due to the emergency braking system not being fully functional. It’s not as much the fact the the system wasn’t working as promised, but that some customers had been waiting over six months for the necessary software update, which still hadn’t arrived.


Model S Automatic Emergency Braking Test

Apparently, when Consumer Reports downgrades your only two vehicles, it’s time to act swiftly. Tesla initiated an action to get those updates in place, and did so almost immediately.

However, CR didn’t think that the update was good enough, and kept both the Model S and the Model X at the new lowered scores. This was specifically because the emergency braking system only functioned at lower speeds (not up to 90 mph as expected).

These point deductions have moved the Model S out of the leading spot in CR’s ultra-luxury category. It didn’t affect the Model X much though, because it was already near the bottom of the midsize-sport category.

Even though Tesla has yet to update the feature to work at highway speeds, CR has decided to partially upgrade the vehicles’ points. CR waited to assure that the previous update is in all cars and working properly. Now that the publication has had about a month to monitor the situation, it has added the partial points back to Tesla’s vehicle scores.

However, until the Silicon Valley electric automaker can get the update for highway speeds underway, and Consumer Reports can verify that it is working, and in all vehicles, the scores will still remain lower than previous models.

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Its amazing to watch creaky old granddad Consumer Reports, give noisy teenager Tesla a well-deserved spanking, for the bad behavior of removing a safety feature. Looks like the randy teenager is already shaping up.

In a few years, teenager (14) Tesla will be ready… to drive himself, without a learner’s permit. 🙂