Tesla Model S & X Launch In New Zealand


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Last week, Tesla officially opened the order books for both its Model S and X in New Zealand.

Orders placed now will be received during the period of April-June 2017.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

In addition to the launch of both electric vehicles, Tesla has stated that it will open its first store in New Zealand sometime in 2017.

This store/service center will be located in Auckland.

Lastly, Tesla say it’ll install Superchargers from Auckland to Wellington during the course of 2017 to support sales.

Outside of its automotive division, Tesla Energy is making a pitch to those in New Zealand as well. Tesla Energy says that over 80% of energy generated in NZ is from renewable resources, so it’s only natural to have energy storage too.

Source: Stuff.nz

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And the great thing about New Zealand is that they have a decent DC fast charger network so you can buy a Tesla and drive it all over New Zealand straight away.

Let me just say that again in case there are any Australian politicians or industry leaders reading this post:

Even New Zealand has a fast charging network!

Thanks to Steve and Dee West, NZ’s best known Tesla owners!
They imported Teslas and wanted to charge them.. so, they built a charge network!

treasured friends from across the ditch, are you willing to trade?

We’d be willing give you Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts and the 200,0000 or so Australians from Queensland who voted for One Nation.

If you couldn’t possibly be separated from Steve and Dee we’d be pretty happy to swap that lot in return for pretty much anyone or anything.

We’ll be particularly sad to see the back of the Queenslanders who’s collective action has lead to the word “Sunshine” being commonly used now instead of the far more disagreeable “A**HOLE”

NZ’s DC fast charger network is now growing rapidly. This week I drove from Auckland to Wellington and back in a 30kw 2016 Nissan Leaf. In the week before I made the trip 3 new fast chargers opened in Napier, Palmerston North and Otaki. I changed my route and saved many hours.

+1 in every way. An unfettered free market fails to act whilst the commons is plundered. Well that seems to be the way in Australia.

Does anyone know where in Auckland the new Tesla Store will be located.

NZ Price for a 90D with options came in at NZ$ 175,900
Aust Price for a 90D with same options came in at AU$ 200,914

NZD price below the AUD price that is craziness!
NZ should ne the perfect market for EVs 80% and growing renewable electricity, small land mas so short driving distances, and a heavily urbanized population, Shame the Govt is sitting on it’s ass and not providing proper incentives for EV adoption.

I am looking forward to visiting the store when it opens, Alas until 2nd hand Model 3s come on the market, Teslas are out of my price range, Welcome to Aotearoa Tesla!.

Now they should just clean up their electricity.

So much renewable resources and yet a fifth of electricity still comes from fossil fuels.

The last two quarters have been closer to 90% and the last coal fired power station is slated to close between 2018-22. The conservative government has a goal of 90% renewables by 2025. If the Tiwai aluminum smelter was to close in the South Island NZ would be a 95% renewables instancely. NZ is on the right tract to be 100% renewables within the next 15 years.

So MIKAEL, what country do you live in that it is so green and clean?