Musk Says Some S & X Interior Options Will Vanish In November


Now you see the Alcantara headliner…

Tesla frequently changes up the mix of trims and options in its automobiles, and now it’s doing it again. CEO Elon Musk has just tweeted (embedded below) that many of Model S and Model X interior configurations will soon cease to be produced and that the company will stop accepting orders for them after November 1st. As is usual in these cases, he states that this is to “simplify production.” The streamlining can also help increase the vehicle’s profit margins. The question is, though, which options is he referring to?

We sent an inquiry to the automaker for further information, and will update this post if we get any specificity. For now, though, we have to assume it has to do with colors and materials. Perhaps headliner material or colors will change, or maybe the seat materials. It could have to do with the type of wood, as well. We do not think the revisions will affect seat layout (Model S has optional seats for the back hatch area for children, while Model X can be ordered with seating for five, six, or seven passengers).

Last June, the California company had offered an interior refresh, so depending on its popularity (or lack thereof), it may be involved.

Musk also tweeted out (embedded below) a reminder that the company does not do its updates according to model year. Unlike every other automaker it makes it upgrades and changes to its option mixes on the fly, giving customers the latest improvements as soon as possible. Of course, this is similar to how it handles its vehicle’s software as well, which is being constantly improved.

Basically, though, if you have had your eye on a particular configuration that’s available now, you may want to go ahead and make that order.


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I’m guessing cream seats, light headliner, carbon fiber decor (except possibly bundled with Performance), and 6 seat Model X get the axe.

I think the surest bet is that the least popular options are the ones getting axed.

The cream ( tan ) interior? The one that looks the best?
That would not be a smart move.

Tan interior are ugly. Gray, black, or white

6 seater should always been ax

Now, as it is not anounced what will go away, some potential buyers will hit it while they can, increasing orders and likely also deliveries. And with phasing out less wanted options, production gets streamlined which means usually higher output.
I somehow get the feeling that Q4 will be epic not only for Model 3 production (again) but in terms of Model S and Model X production as well. In Q1, these two were down a bit due to helping out at the Model 3 ramp up. Panasonic produced the 18650-type cells, though, as they likely ran at full capacity in Japan. I think that Tesla has stockpiled a significant amount of the cells and is now ready to work through the stockpile in addition to the regular shipments.

Honda Accord buyers will have a plethora of choices compared to Model X buyers.

Honda Accord gets two choices for interior – black or grey. I guess that’s a ‘plethora’.

True. But their energy option is limited to only one: gasoline.

So, the aftermarket has yet more opportunities to fill the void being left by Tesla, not a bad thing.

EVANNEX will be pleased.

“Tesla constantly upgrades vehicle hardware every week.”

Translation: if you like what you see now, you better hurry up and order it, because we change stuff at unpredictable times and don’t help our customers plan for a future purchase, say when their current lease is up in a few months.

I’m also not sure if I like the approach. I love that they generally try to improve the car and add new software features. What I don’t like is the trial and error principle that sometimes seems to show. Like offering buggy software and fixing it later. I’d much prefer if the upgrades/improvements come after the initial version is working flawlessly.

Software never works flawlessly. It’s always a trade-off between shipping new goodies sooner but with a few more bugs, or delaying in the hope of catching *some* (but never all) of the remaining bugs…

Yeah, there is no such thing as completely bug-free software for any but the simplest programs. Even mission-critical military-grade software is not completely 100% bug-free, altho they can and do get pretty close.

But certainly Tesla does release its software in a development stage much closer to “beta” versions than other auto makers do. Tesla car owners always have the option of delaying installing the latest version, if they’d rather wait until most of the bugs are worked out.

It’s a choice. I will never understand why people complain when Tesla offers more choices than do other auto makers.

Real-time improvements are fine with me, but real-time dropping of options, particularly on such short notice, is bull****.

Tom, They dropped vertical split screen, the ability to go full screen….and gave us all a big perma-map. At least with the interior choices, they won’t be changed later, after you buy. There’s that bit of streamline goodness, too.

It would seem to me that “improving hardware every week” would be a substantial source of cost overruns and production bottlenecks, not to mention QC issues. I wonder if it would make more sense to implement hardware improvements at the beginning of each quarter?

Bundling them doesn’t reduce the risks.

(Also, many of the improvements are actually to fix QC issues, production problems etc.)

Yes, and yes.

If I could afford an X, it would be the 5-seat option. Save some money and weight while gaining useful cargo space. If I was in a position where I really needed the 3rd row, then I’d go with the 6-seat option to optimize movement and useful space with seating capacity and vehicle weight. I would not be surprised, though, if the 5-seat option gets the axe, since that version does not get rear seats and the rear HVAC system. Keeping the 6- and 7-seat interiors would have every unit get the rear seats and full HVAC system. That would streamline things. Or, axe the 6-seat version, since that’s the only one that does not get the 3-seat second row. The 5-seat option might speed things up insofar as those would not need the third row or the HVAC. I guess it all depends on what aspect of the process requires streamlining, combined with demand. The seat issues might not be problems, or may prove to be too popular to cut, and it could be something else, like the interior combinations of seats, accents, and headliners. They do have a (relatively) wide variety of those options compared to other features.

They would better take care about security of the cars.
Look at all the options gone in 60 seconds.

The only problem the Dumb & the Dumber had was how to unplug the charger /s
Apparently it is not the first and not the last one gone on that side of the pond.

Fudster zzzzz strikes again. Any car can get stolen but Tesla’s are the least likely to and have the highest recovery rate.

So, serial Tesla basher zzzzzzzzzz complains about the possibility of a Tesla car getting stolen.

I guess you want everyone to ignore the fact that Tesla cars have the lowest incidence of theft, both because they are both so hard to steal and so because they are so easy for police to track.

So easy to track that you had to find a rare outlier event for one single car which wasn’t.

I guess you deserve a “Wolf pack” doggie biscuit for your pravduh. 🙄

Personally I don’t like that. Purchaser of luxury cars should be given more and nor less options to individualize their babies.

Yep. Could be getting to the era of “Any Colour as long as it is Black” for Tesla?
That’s a real shame. For something like a fully loaded Model X that costs around £110,000 OTR here in the UK, you would expect a lot more choices of finish/equipment on something that is being made for you and not for dealer stock.
What does Rolls-Royce offer? Something like 16 million possible different configurations. I’m not saying go down that route but cutting a whole load out is madness at this point in time.

“CEO Elon Musk urges buyers to secure the interior they want now before they go away.”

Translation: “We have a 100 M debt payment on 1 Nov. I need your money now”

Timing seems to be just about right.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Not going to be paying for the car by November 1st.

To me this is simply a move to increase margin, placing more emphasis on Model 3 and setting up to begin sales of the high-end Model 3 outside North America, which will eat into sales of the S and X.