Tesla Model S, X Get New Interior Finishing Options

MAY 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Tesla made minor changes in interior finish options for the Model S and Model X.

Both models are available with standard Black Textile Interior and four Premium options for $3,300.

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The changes are a new darker graphite finish used on trims and a new Oak Décor in Cream Premium option – apparently lighter than previously.

  • White Premium – $3,300
  • Black Premium – $3,300
  • Black Premium / Light Headliner $3,300
  • Cream Premium – $3,300 (not available in P100D)
  • Black Textile Interior – standard (not available in P100D)
  • Carbon Fiber Decor – $250 (only for Premium interiors)

Tesla Model S and Model X interior – May 2018

Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, is available with only one black interior, but white interior has been announced for the second-half of the year.

Tesla Model S – Cream Premium
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Tesla Model S - White Premium interior Tesla Model S – Black Premium Tesla Model S – Black Premium / Light Headliner Tesla Model S – Black Textile Interior

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already had these

It would be more important to have a few REAL colors.
Now we only have red, blue, and the colorless white/grey/grey/black stuff.

what a ridiculous thing to say, you can wrap the car to whatever the hell you want.

exterior color is the least important factor when purchasing a vehicle.

Not true, many would not buy a bubble gum pink car.

Respectfully, color might be the least important factor to you, but it’s clear that that’s far from true for the public in general. I know people who refused to buy a car based on color and kept shopping or waited until the same make and model became available in a “good” color. When I buy a car, I have a short list of equally acceptable colors (red, light blue, dark blue, black, silver), with a few others on my personal “not unless I get the car at half price” list, like Nissan’s “gun metal gray”, beige, and virtually any green.

“exterior color is the least important factor when purchasing a vehicle.”

Perhaps for you it is, but certainly not for a significant percentage of car buyers. At one time, Ford had 90% of the passenger car market. One of the biggest reasons it lost much of its near-monopoly is Henry Ford’s stubborn insistence that “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

That’s an urban legend

You obviously don’t remember the original Model S brown. It was the first color they killed. That said, color definitely sells. The green Model S wasn’t as popular, so they killed it, however some people seek it out, just like the black roof versions. Color matters to buyers. Ford had some of the best car color options for their sedans back when they were making sedans. That blaze orange Mustang, wow. Those were the days. Don’t get me started about body graphics and a Ford. The question you need to ask yourself is what visual attribute is important when you buy a vehicle. I happen to like white because when you are driving fast enough, you get that red-blue Doppler effect happening on the leading/trailing edges. Sure, it’s more a rocket ship speed thing, but you can pretend…

@ Staff

Are comments shut off for “Tesla Panasonic Quietly Outmaneuver All Lithium Battery Manufacturers” ?

If so I think that’s too bad, because it’s an interesting subject.

White interior = ban on new unwashed (several times) jeans.