Tesla Model S & X Now Eligible For $14,000 Rebate In Ontario

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Ontario, Canada is moving forward to up its Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP) for the new year. Ontario is home to over 9,000 EVs. As of January 1, 2017 many positive updates were implemented.

Steven Del Duca, Ontario’s Minister of transportation shared:

“Providing better incentives for electric vehicles will help consumers and businesses make the transition to more sustainable vehicles, and keep Ontario at the forefront of the clean, green economy.”

The major changes, as listed on the Ontario Newsroom, are as follows:

  • Removes the cap limiting EV incentives to 30 per cent of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
  • Eliminates the $3,000 cap on incentives for EVs fully run on battery power and priced between $75,000 and $150,000, which enable long-range, zero-emission travel and have less environmental impact than lower priced plug-in hybrids
  • Continues to exclude EVs with an MSRP of $150,000 and above from qualifying for incentives
  • Offers incentives only on vehicles produced by automakers who are partners in Ontario’s new Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Advancement Partnership (EHVAP).

EHVAP was created to push Ontario to its goal of having electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles comprise 5% of all new vehicles sold by 2020. The Newsroom bulleted the main initiatives of the special program, which is being carried out through a major partnership between government, automakers, environmental advocasy groups , and academic leaders:

  • A significant expansion of publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure
  • Requiring all new workplaces, homes and townhouses to be “EV ready” by 2018
  • Access to High Occupancy Vehicle and High Occupancy Toll lanes for single-occupant EVs with green license plates without a fee
  • Working with Plug ‘n Drive to open an electric vehicle discovery centre, which will enhance public education and dealer training on EVs.

The plan obviously has specific application to Tesla’s vehicles, which fit into the price range specified in the language. Teslas are more costly in Canada than they are in the U.S. Total incentives range from $6,000 to $14,000 per vehicle, with even the base Tesla Model S and X both receiving the full $14,000. However, the top-tier fully-loaded Tesla models will not benefit from the rebate. EV consumers also receive $1,000 toward the purchase and installation of home or business fast charging equipment.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Glen R. Murray, concluded:

“Transportation emissions are the single-largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in the province. That’s why we are moving forward on a commitment to make it easier for Ontarians to purchase and drive an electric vehicle. Through our Climate Change Action Plan, we’re supporting electric vehicle initiatives, incentives, research and development.”

Source: Ontario Newsroom

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Thanks for covering so quickly. This may in fact stimulate some Model 3 reservation holders to move up to model S. Especially if lease rates are favourable. I for one would consider it.

I’m glad to hear that our Environment Minister is committed to reducing car emissions and promoting the electric car. This is great news for Canadians.

Great job neighbors! I wish all of us here in Manitoba would get something instead of $0.

Maybe to promote the clean hydro electricity we’re known for. I know, wishful thinking.

So, is this rebate based on price of the vehicle or range of the vehicle?

if it is based on price, then that is a just weird. But if it is based on range, then it is totally fair.

Price based incentives aren’t all that uncommon.

It is based on battery capacity and number of seats.

That’s in Loonies. So USD $10,750(ish) max. Not judging the Canadian currency, merely mentioning that there’s an exchange rate to take note of, before any of my fellow Americans start comparing the nominal rebate. It’s in the ballpark of the Federal + Massachusetts rebate limits, for example, which also max out in the $10k range.

So current Tesla owners that purchased within the last 3 months got cheated and only got 3k. Quebec never changed their ev rebate on Tesla at 8k. Ontario used to be 8k. Someone finally woke up and realized that oh geez theses Teslas have the largest battery capacity and can go 400km++ with ZERO EMISSIONS

Thanks Wynne Government for cheating us once again!!

Wow. So no reforms should ever be enacted, because those who were subject to the old laws and/or regulations might feel “cheated”?

I suppose that, similarly, no company should ever improve their products, because customers buying the old product would have similarly been “cheated”.

This is the first time I have ever, in my entire life, seen someone assert that all progress should be halted because someone’s feelings might be hurt!


Logic goes out the window when spewing Wynne hatred. You’d have to be from Ontario to understand… think ‘Thanks Obama!’ meme.

Obviously you’re 100% correct.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t make a Tesla anywhere near affordable for most. A base 60 starts at a ridiculous $92,500 here!

Wow … Some one who thinks like me !!!
The fact is … That concept applies with anything that goes on a big “sale” or other incentive to boost sales .
Like … Those big promos where Dodge says you can save $14,000 on a new truck …. What about the poor guy who bought one a month and a half ago !????

So all EV’s get the 14K off. Does that mean that the Volt and Bolt are even cheaper – more than 30 percent off MSRP? So Volt at 42K will be more like 28K Canadian!!!

The volt is not a bev. So I don’t think it would be included at this level

GM Canada website says max rebate is $12,747 for the volt. Rebate is primarily tied to battery size, but max rebate kicked in for anything over 16kWh = cad$13,000. Then there is an extra 1,000 if there is a 5th seat + extra 1000 for charger&installation. But rebate also cannot exceed 30% of the price of the car and previously rebate was capped at $3000 if car was more than $75,000 as that was viewed as a rebate that the rich didn’t need, but apparently that 75,000 limit is now gone.

The 30% cap has been eliminated
I suspect the GM website is out of date

Yes, the GM site has yet to be updated. The government EVIP site lists the Volt at $14000.

Ontario may get the best incentive for electrics, but you pay it back in electricity costs. I’ve heard some horror stories coming from Ontario.

so wait a min…. you are telling me that tesla car a good for environment because they have ZERO EMISSIONS hmmmm… so the battery were made with emissions the metal used to make cars was all earth friendly etc….
second point the car it self cost a house and more some of us will have a mortgage of that amount so would you rather have a home & a car that does EMISSIONS than just a car with ZERO EMISSIONS seems like a difficult choice ….


Clearly the need sees life from the worst perspective.

Simply trolling for no good cause.

Not in Toronto, where it takes 10 Teslas to buy a house!

I guess all gas engine cars are made with zero emissions then. And zero emissions must be made when processing the oil into fuel.

Why don’t people inform themselves on both sides before spewing nonsense.

Considering how bloody expensive it is to live and buy anything in CANADA I think it is wonderful for them.

An even easier way to reduce price and boost sales ….. HST REBATE on ALL Electric cars !!!

The real winner here has to be the new 2017 Ford Focus EV with upgraded 33.5 kwh battery. With the 30% of MSRP cap lifted, the rebate has risen from $9600 to $14000.

$17,998 after provincial rebate.