Tesla Model S & X To Chauffeur Celebrities To Oscars With Help From Morgan Freeman


Jay Leno With His Tesla Model S

Tesla owner Leonardo DiCaprio, a climate change informer and known car collector, featured Elon Musk in his recent special entitled, “Before the Flood.”

Due to a welcome investment from movie star, Morgan Freeman, a luxury car service in Los Angeles will supply Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles to transport some of Hollywood’s finest to the upcoming Oscars.

The company, MOTEV, has a whole fleet of Teslas, including seven Model X SUVs and four Model S sedans. Company founder, Robert Gaskill, told Fast Company:

“Most people want a Tesla … They love the idea—it’s all electric, zero emissions, and it’s terrific for the environment.”

“It makes a statement. It makes sure you will be noticed.”

Oprah Winfrey wanted the world to know she was buying a Tesla.

Oprah Winfrey wanted the world to know she was buying a Tesla.

Many celebrities own and publicly endorse the all-electric automaker. Among those on the list are Oprah, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg, and Ben Affleck.

Gaskill is close personal friends with Morgan Freeman (another celebrity Tesla owner), and he recently pitched the idea of using Teslas for the Oscars. This all happened after Freeman invested in MOTEV, to help the company make the Tesla fleet a reality. Gaskill shared:

“We’re here today because of him. [Freeman] certainly loves the idea of Tesla and its technology and where it’s going, even outside of vehicles.”

Freeman is a self-proclaimed Tesla Fanboy. He told CNBC:

“I’m a huge fan of Elon Musk. I think he’s got the most incredibly forward thinking ideas about where we can go technologically.”

Gaskill went on to discuss how MOTEV is not to be confused with companies like Uber or Lyft. MOTEV is all about service and details. Cars have chilled towels, bottled water, and aromatherapy oils. Due to regularly transporting celebs, the vehicle even have “red carpet emergency kits.” The kits includes boob tape, safety pins, and breath mints, among other essentials. Gaskill explained:

“Those drivers are not vetted in the same way as limo companies and not insured in the same way. If you’re hiring transportation to go from point A to point B, then that’s exactly what you’ll get with Uber and Lyft. But if you want service with transportation, then you don’t hire Uber: you hire a limousine service.”

MOTEV will be transporting several celebrities to the Academy Awards. Gaskill wouldn’t provide a list of names, but he said that the fleet is fully booked for the event. He concluded:

“It’s a head-turner when they arrive. Everyone knows that it’s a Tesla when it shows up.”

Gaskill plans to expand his company and is eyeing possibilities for a fleet in New York City, followed by Atlanta. If you want to partake in a MOTEV experience, it will cost you $80/hour plus tax and tip.

Source: Fast Company

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Now if I was Tesla and I was going to a coomercial I’d get Morgan Freeman to do the voice work. A true believer and the guy is so convincing.

Yes rich people can afford expensive toys, and rich people can afford to invest in businesses to make more money – the celebs love the trendy PC stuff, creates great PR, so being seen in a “green” limo is a win – Freeman knows this so this is a low risk bet for him.

What is the story here?

That EVs have yet another economical reason as to why they will win.

Seriously. Its all about reinvestment of that trilion dolars industry. More people making money is expected pathway.

-Right, what would really be a story was if they all showed up in diesel Hummers.

The significant story here, is one of Progressive Political Rebellion.

Using Sustainable, Zero Emission Transport to attend one of the US’s most high profile Awards Ceremonies, is a direct slap against current Trump Administration Goals of Promoting Filthy Carbon-Based Fuels, the neutering of the EPA, and Denial of Climate Science as a policy.

The story is that contrary to the socialist talk the celebs support true capitalism as creator of wealth for all. The are fancier and far more expensive vehicles veying for celeb attention but there is one Room who works not just to make money but to save our children from gasoline induced brain damage. Disdain for the successful will get us nowhere appreciation of quality innovation and work ethic will make for a better world

Add to the list of owners: Peter Jackson

Good publicity. Nice job Morgan!

To arrive at the red carpet with those falcon doors?
Upstage everybody

Lol his name is perfect for this company: Gas-kill 😀

I’m curious, is there anyone in Hollywood business who’s not a fan of Tesla?

There are a few but they are in the minority.

Go Tesla!

Go tesla go…destroy gas guzzlers. Thank you Morgan Freeman.

Trump supporters are arriving in pollution spewing diesel trucks lol

I remember when Morgan Freeman was a regular on Sesame Street my kids learned a lot just from watching.
I’m glad he’s a fan boy of Musk but I’m not surprised.

I don’t care what token efforts the celebrities make on one night of the year. What cars do they drive on a daily basis?