Tesla Model S Is World’s Quickest Hotel Room – Video


Tesla Model S hotel for two.

Tesla Model S hotel for two.

“Apparently, almost every type of hotel does exist on the planet, but had anyone heard about the ‘fastest hotel’ in the world? Certainly not!

Reportedly, a man named Steve Sasman from Arizona, USA, is offering its Tesla Model S as a room for two to sleep over the night.

As that superfast electric car costs a whopping $118,000, it can be rented from Sasman just at $85, but it is needed to be vacated before 8am in the morning so he could drive back the car to office.

In the package, Sasman offers pillows, clean sheets, and a blanket, whereas if wished guests can also ask for battery powered candles.

On the top of all, guests are allowed access to showers, kitchen living room, and private bathroom in the condo, all inclusive in the package.

Lastly, Sasman does offer a guided tour in his car, but that is served for an additional price.”

-via video description

Well, this is something you don’t see everyday. Tesla Model S owner Steve Sasman has set up his Model S to serve as a hotel room for two.

We’ve heard of people sleeping in their Model S before, but never before has someone rented one out as a hotel to the public.

The brief video above shows a few images of the Model S “hotel” and provide some additional details.

For further information, additional pictures, and the link to book this Model S “hotel”, click here.

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I thought it was ridiculous, but at $85 its reasonable just to have somewhere to stay. But most would probably prefer to stay in the condo.

Why risk getting semen splattered on your Tesla’s ceiling liner?

I wonder if this guy rents out his toilet on AirPnP. It’s is just like AirBnB, but for toilets! 😀



He must like cleaning up body fluids from headliner and door panels

The quickest room for the quickest quickie.

It’s definitely not the worlds fastest hotel. But it’s pretty cool anyway.

I have stayed in a jet plane hotel. And I would assume that the tourists that stayed at the international space station most likely was at the fastest hotel, and moving at that pace while they were sleeping.

The coolest hotel (pun intended) I have stayed at so far was the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, just amazing (and even possible to reach by superchargers if anyone is interested).