Tesla Model S With Refreshed Front End Debuts

APR 12 2016 BY JAY COLE 46

Tesla Model S Refresh First Look Goes Up In Australia First (Via TeslaMotorsClub/LGGD)

Tesla Model S Refresh First Look Goes Up In Australia First (Via TeslaMotorsClub/LGGD)

Tesla Model S Gets A New Front End (via TeslaMotorsClub/LGGD)

Tesla Model S Gets A New Front End (via TeslaMotorsClub/LGGD) – click to enlarge

While we don’t have a lot of print to go on at this point,  Tesla stores in Australia have apparently begun to swap out their promotional canvases…complete with a new refreshed look for the Model S.

UPDATE: We have received word via Tesla Motors directly on the upgrade and what it entails – further details here

Via this thread at the Tesla Motors Club and community member LGGD, we pass along the above first look at the new Model S front fascia, giving it a more EV-specific look, and one that more aligns with the appearance of today’s Model X and recently revealed Model 3.

LGGD says of the picture:

“This poster just went up in the Tesla store in Melbourne, Australia where it is currently 8.30pm.”

More news and official shots should be out shortly as the magic of time zones, and timed embargos, lift throughout the day.  Will there be additional moldings and features added?   We’ll find out shortly…and of course have all the updates one can stand.

(Pictures below:  Some shots of the rest of the Tesla family)

A Look At The Tesla Model 3

A Look At The Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

"Original" Tesla Model S For Comparative Purposes

“Original” Tesla Model S For Comparative Purposes

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Looks better than before. Good!

The new “grill” works well on the Model S. Still not a huge fan of the way it looks on the X, but it’s growing on me.

Agreed. The X seems unfinished. The S is the best looking one with the update now.


I still wonder how chipped up the paint is going to get on the grill-less front. Time will tell.

Two words, clear bra.

I can do better:

Three letters, PPF 😉

The Saleen version is still my favorite one…

I thought so too, at first. But now I like the Tesla design better. The Saleen ist just too “pleasantly bland”. The Tesla design gives me something to chew on, so to speak.

I get it – and I agree. Interesting analogy.

I wonder if this is how the Model III will look eventually?

The model three would look much better if they implemented the Tesla Insignia slit on the front bumper like the new model S design. Such simple changes can make drastic improvements to a cars overall design.

I disagree.

The Model 3 is by far the best looking Tesla. I love that they didn’t add a Model X slit as much as I love that they abandoned the grille.

The Model 3 looks so incredibly clean in the front, which makes it unique. The blank area up front was unfamiliar at first, but now it’s my favorite feature of the design.

They really should redesign the others to match the Model 3 instead.

+1 . i think the sloping clean front is the best part of model 3 exterior.

I don’t mind the plain bumper on the model 3, just not the pronounced swollen upper lip on the bumper.

I agree. It does look pretty weird in the official pictures, but it looks much better in the videos that show it in the wild.

I like the Model 3 plain front bumper best, with the logo on the hood. Now that I think about it, I love it. The pronounced swollen upper lip may be for the aerodynamics. If it can add an extra 10 miles of range I’ll take the swollen lip, otherwise, Elon, please get rid of it.


It’s the most avant-garde aspect of the design and also the most logical. Grills after all are necessary facade to hide a radiator. Since there no radiator, I’ve always found the faux grille rather silly – though given how conservative most people are, I understand why they did it.

Will Model S owners get an OTA update to fix the nosecones on their existing cars?

I hope not. Tesla needs to sell, sell, sell those $100k cars and not sell kits for $5k. Plus the used Teslas can come down in price so I can finally buy one and not wait for 3-4 years for an M3.


Oops, I missed the OTA thing, need to read more carefully next time…

Trying to start a meme or a running gag? I’m still laughing, if that helps.

Look who’s barking. Under-bite Much?

People get engineering and software engineering confused all the time. 😉

Sure, the OTA Update will changr our model s to a transformer. Afterwards he can change the bumper by himself. 😀

Tesla is so cool, never imagined they get the transformer ugrade so quick.

If you look closely at the rear view mirror, there appears to be a camera tucked in the corner.

Those are fairly large cylinders molded into the top part of the mirror assembly.

Too big for a digital camera, they look more like mini-LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) units– possibly for an improved Autopilot.

Finally! Time to place that order!

I hope they don’t change the model 3 to this style. I much prefer the look of no grill at all with the Tesla logo up on the hood.

I think you can count on that – it’s probably cheaper to manufacture.

I wonder what effect this will have on the range of the car… another 1% ?

Style and beauty does not affect performance necessarily

Looks nice I think but I’m more interested in what else they are going to change.

Interesting evolution of the front design. The chrome T bar at the top keeps a premium feel, over the minimalistic Model 3. Feels sleeker / sportier to me than the older fake grill did.

I like it more than I thought I would…

agreed, i like it more too. looks more refined.

Anything is better than the nosecone good Tesla

Rick (no, not that Rick)

That Model 3 flat nose will be a great bug catcher during Florida love bug season.

I still prefer the original MS design, though I agree with the poster above that said the Saleen version looked best.

These newer Tesla designs look like they were designed as normal ICE cars with grills and then the grills were covered up at the end.

I prefer the nose cone.

Pretty much exactly as I assumed it would be – Model X style.

Looks like someone got into a fender bender and the body shop F up the repair.

I know I’ll be installing a PPF like Xpel on my Model 3’s front bumper (worked great on my old Lexus).

Looks uglier now…

Never liked Model X looks or Model 3 looks.

I loved the original Model S.

Ah, the reason for low MS deliveries last quarter is revealed. This is likely also the reason for reaffirmed year end guidance despite the poor Q1 volume.

I believe you’ve left your snark-lock on by mistake.. Please let it go..
(cruel humor only works if you’re unbiased, you’ve conceded that position IMHO)