Tesla Model S Winter Driving Footage From Norway – Video


“During video #14, I drove over the very snowy and twisty Vikafjellet mountain pass. This is two of the raw footages”

Bjorn's Model S conquering the winter roads!

Bjørn’s Model S conquering the winter roads

Tesla Model S P85 (RWD) owner Bjørn Nyland drives his Model S through some heavy winter conditions.

The video above is raw footage from an upcoming road trip video.

The Model S seems to have performed perfectly in these very snowy conditions, despite the roads appearing rather teacherous.

Bjørn has done something like this before.  You can check that out below:

Any Model S owners willing to share some winter driving stories?

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ah, the infamous phone interference in the model s, i have seen ppl complain about that in the forums over here. do you gett that interference over their in the Us to? or have it to do with different frequencies over here?

that might only be in the camera here tho