Tesla Model S Wins Detroit News’ Readers’ Choice Award for Most Innovative Vehicle at 2014 NAIAS


The Detroit News readers have spoken.  The readers’ choice “Most Innovative Vehicle” at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show is the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S In Detroit

Tesla Model S In Detroit

Now, if you’re familiar with the mindset in and around Detroit, you’ll see the importance here.

A non-Detroit vehicle won an award voted on by Detroiters?  Yep, that it did.

As Tesla Motors posted:

“We’re thrilled to receive the 2014 award from Detroit News as the North American International Auto Show Readers’ Choice for Most Innovative Vehicle!”

Tesla should be thrilled, as it’s not often that an automaker outside of the Detroit Three win anything in Detroit.

Congrats Tesla.  You’ve convinced Detroit that innovation doesn’t always come from within.

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I have been reading about Elon Musk and I am impressed. Very few people can impress me. This accomplisment has been amazing. It is simply the most desirable and fun car I have ever tried. Hats off

Fear not Detroiters….Tesla will eventually expand design and production in Detroit…and fortunately for Tesla it will be just as the area is accelerating and improving its competitive situation

Christopher Allessi II

Not likely. Just visiting the Detroit Auto Show, and being in Detroit and taking a look around, I can’t believe anyone would even want to live their, and this is coming from someone who lives in Milwaukee of all places.

You guys forget (or never knew) that Tesla already had a Technical Center in Rochester Hills (not far from Detroit) back in 2007.

It closed down a year or so later with the financial crisis. Amazing how far Tesla has come since then.

And they worked so hard to prevent this.

Tesla is bringing the high-tech competitive style and fast-pace innovation to the engineering world. Finally we have seen that. The auto industry has slow moving leaders. It is better they get smarter soon otherwise Tesla will smash many of them.

Color me shocked.

Impressive. But, at least Tesla is still domestic.

Hell will have frozen over (how cold is it in Detroit right now?) when a foreign-based make and model wins.