Tesla Model S Wait Times Extend To 6 Months In China As Orders Pile In


Tesla Website China

Tesla Website China

Goldman Sachs analyst Patrick Archambaul claims that Tesla Motors is experiencing “robust” demand for its Model S in China.

How “robust” is the demand?

According to Archambaul, the demand is now so high that wait times for the Model S in China are approaching six months.  This is after the 2-week factory shutdown in Fremont for retooling.

If accurate, this is good news for Tesla as it looks to bridge the sales gap between the Model S and the upcoming Model X in the second quarter of 2015.

Archambaul adds that Tesla is working to fulfill backorders of 4,000 or so in China.  Or, as Bidness reports its:

“The analyst said pre-orders for Tesla’s Model S had already expanded to about 4,000 as of mid-September, stretching delivery wait times to as much as six months following the two-week Tesla Fremont factory shutdown.”

More sales for the Model S in China will likely lead to the need for more Tesla stores and services centers across the nation.

Overall, Chinese demand plus renewed worldwide Model S interest via the ultra high performance P85D Model S (that can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds) and new AWD models (full details on both here) should ease Tesla nicely into the upcoming all-electric SUV.

Source: Bidness Etc.

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LOL @ the name “Bidness”

Pricing for the S gets even better when He makes ’em in China, yes?

Sounds like He might be on to something.

I know. How about a super charger right next the the Great Wall!!

Perhaps we could built a temple !! 🙂

There are already 3 Super Chargers in Beijing, which isn’t too far from the wall.

The great wall is 5000 Kilometers, I guess you need at least 20 SC. 🙂

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Hey Editor,
You keep deleting any view that dissents from the fanboys. There wasn’t very offensive language in it. It is also fair to disclose positions, when you write very rosy articles.

This story is really very old, and nowhere did the analyst mention ‘orders piling up’. That’s your own addition. The long wait can be for any number of reasons.

If you don’t keep your mind open, you will soon find this site dead.

I actually moderated it myself, and it did have language that I myself wouldn’t allow my child to read…so I deleted it.

As a sidenote: Yes, the original source of the story is 2.5 weeks old, but its about 6 month delays in order in China, so we didn’t feel the priority to rush it out, as getting it out immediately was immaterial to the content.

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I suppose you “saw through” the mod edit to know what was the content…unless…

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Life must really suck for you See Through as Tesla continues to advance the EV landscape and expand and be lauded for its bold accomplishments!

Haven’t you ever heard the expression: a slow boat to China?

When was this Goldman Sachs report published? It wasn’t today, was it? Or the previous market day, Friday?

I’m just trying to figure out if this is an old report, or something new.

Just read some guy posted his Model S Vin No. 60254 on Tesla Motors Forum website.

Model S Vin numbers might get to 70,000 or more before the end of the year. But Tesla probably won’t get all Vins delivered before January first.

Some of these cars must be headed for China if they have any hope to make the 35,000 sales goal.