Tesla Model S Wagon Coming In Early 2018


The first of them should hit the road in March, but it’s not built by Tesla.

Tesla Model S Wagon

After previously releasing some sketches to tease an effort to convert the Tesla Model S into a shooting brake, Niels van Roij Design now announces a plan to have the station wagon ready by March 2018. The limited run of stylish estates creates a chic alternative for buyers looking for something more exclusive than a Model X.

“The aesthetics of this conversion have been developed thoroughly by producing 3 design propositions, within which 16 different design themes were generated,” Van Roij said in the latest release about his company’s project.

The Van Roij keeps the Model S’ front end, but the company thoroughly alters the rear. While a shooting brake generally has two doors, this project retains the Tesla’s four-door layout. A new, flowing roof extends back to a raked hatchback. A thick pillar anchors the design at the back. In profile the conversion looks nice enough, but the rendering from the rear three-quarters is the real highlight. Flared fenders give Model S a muscular appearance that hint at the vehicle’s impressive performance.

While Van Roij handles the Shooting Brake’s design, the actual coach building duties fall on the Dutch firm RemetzCar. The company intends to build a limited run of 20 examples of the new wagon, and buyers can specify the interior appointments to their personal preferences. RemetzCar is quite familiar with modifying the Tesla Model S after previously converting the EV into a hearse for a greener ride to the grave.

Van Roij isn’t alone in imagining the Model S as a wagon. For example, a team of former Lotus, McLaren, and Jaguar engineers are working on a similar project in the United Kingdom. In addition, other designers have created renderings of other possible looks for the estate.

Source: Niels van Roij Design via Facebook2

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I like the other one in England much better. It was made to be more of a practical wagon with a squared off back, this one with the sloping back window is kind of pointless. How much does it really add over the hatch? It’s also kind of fussy looking. I’m glad that some in Europe are still taking the station wagon/estate wagon/combi/shooting brake/whatever you want to call them these days, seriously.

I some point, I’d hope Tesla builds a Model 3 wagon.
Not just for Europe.

That would be a great idea and maybe in Europe there will be enough interest to make that happen, but over here in the States, people really like sitting up high and looking down in their boxy, wallowing CUVs.

2/3 of the US is overweight. They can’t climb in and out of a car without issues. The height of CUV’s greatly helps get their fat asses get in and out.

Still could have a all-glass roof 😉

Would warranty remain on such modified car? Do they move any AP hardware?