Tesla Model S Versus Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid – Video Comparison


Hybrid Cars gives us an in depth look and review of the Tesla Model S (85 kWh) versus the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid.

Model S (Left) & Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid (Right)

Model S (Left) & Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid (Right)

Several key points are shown along with how each point differs among the two vehicles.

The price difference between the 2 from entry level and as optioned are in a completely different ballparks as the Panamera S E-hybrid costs ~ $40,000 more than the Model S, though the Model S, as shown, is not fully equipped while the Panamera S E-Hybrid appears to be so.

For the Model S, there is an available Performance version for an extra $10,000, as well as the All Glass Panoramic Sunroof if desired. Perhaps the Performance option would be a fair comparison as far as matching the performance aspect of the Porsche, if that’s your main interest in a sports sedan.

It is obvious that the Model S and Panamera S E-Hybrid are two entirely different vehicles, so what it boils down to is which vehicle meets your needs and how much cash you’re able to spend.

Interested in a further comparison? (You can check out Hybrid Cars’ review here)

Camera Drone Shot of the Model S and Panamera.

Camera Drone Shot of the Model S and Panamera.

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Porsche, make an all electric version. Also, what happened with that all electric boxster-e prototype from a while back? I thought that was pretty sweet.

At the 3:30 mark in the Tesla S 85 Vs Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid product comparison overview the reviewer from Hybrid cars makes the statement that the Porsche S E-Hybrid would always win against the Tesla because the tesla, “…would overheat~.”


Other then one track video from a while back where a team experienced a propulsion fault, not sure if this is the usual case.

Is this true, Jay Cole, Mike Anthony and Eric Loveday?

Thomas J. Thias



I think what Jeff is referring to is under extended race-type conditions the Model S will go into conservation mode at temperature and then lower the output/abilities as a result…not ‘overheat’ in the catastrophic sense.

It is not something you are going to experience in the ‘real world’ with the Tesla. The Model S has got all the reliable straight-line EV-performance goodness an owner can expect of it…but it is not a ‘track car’ by any stretch – some people buy cars in this bracket for a daily driver and alao for a fun ‘weekend racer’, if that is you (and you need a sedan) the Panamera S E-Hybrid is a better choice (IMO)

This is a known issue. Motortrend magazine saw the same behavior. Worth reading Motortrend’s track test of Model S.

White Tesla doesnt look right without pano roof or black roof

I can’t see why anyone would buy the Porsche. The Model S is cheaper to buy, cheaper to fuel, no exhaust, no oil drips, no lurching transmission, no smog check, no oil changes, can fuel up completely at home, can generate fuel on your rooftop, etc.

The Model X will further slam the luxury auto market.

That’s how I feel. There are a couple Panamera’s in our neighborhood and every time I see one I think, with a grimace, “Oooh, should have got a Tesla.” The sales numbers agree with us.

I guess if I were to actually answer: brand loyalty to Porsche, the unknown of EV’s to the uninitiated, wanting to drive long distance with short gas station stops, or trusting in an established company rather than what might be viewed as a startup are some logical reasons I can quickly come up with. Personally I’d choose the Tesla and I’ve owned two Porsche’s in the past. Really like Porsche, hope they can successfully electrify.

While not making any judgements myself either way – not everyone buys a car based on its fuel economy or raw straight-line performance to 40 mph (both of which the Tesla owns), sometimes they just want to drive to work in something nice/sporty/responsive during the week, and that can accommodate extra occupents (who they don’t hate) nicely on the weekend.

The Model S interior (especially in the rear) is not really in the same class. The cost of BEV electrification (and subsequent performance) has put the Tesla in the premium/luxury bracket, but really those adjectives don’t apply inside.

Porsche does sell 500 or so of these (all trim levels included) a month in the US, and the ute-replacement will likely do far better.

There is something VERY important (at least to me) missing in the picture of the Porche rear seats.

Where is the middle seat?

It seems in the luxury sports segment these cars are getting a big pass on criticism on the lack of a fifth seat. With the Porche and i8 you’ll never hear a peep about this being a negative vs. other cars in the same class but the Volt… It’s just not a practical car because it doesn’t have 5 seats.

Well the Panamera certainly looks more like an executive car for the back seat passengers. Very luxurious accommodations. The Tesla looks plain and inexpensive in comparison.

Angle of image makes the Porche look Huge in the rear, especially in comparison to the angle of the MS image.

Simply, it is Not huge in the rear of the Porche.

It looks big (and is) as this is the Panamera Executive trim, it’s the same as a standard Panamera only the wheel base is 5.9″ longer with about 4″ increase in rear seat legroom.

Perhaps they want to be able to go, say, from San Francisco to Yosemite without fear of being stranded? 😉

Also, let’s be honest: Anybody buying a car in this price range doesn’t care much about the cost of gas and oil changes. And as we saw with the drivetrain failures, Tesla is not immune from mechanical problems …

The Porsche is a true drivers car. If you are really into examples of great cars from the twilight of the internal combustion era then I think you would prefer the Porche. If however you are forward looking and want the greatest car from the dawn of the ev evolution, then get the Tesla.

If your going to bring a $130k Panamera to the party then you should bring along a $130k Model S Performance Plus.

Saleen is offering a track package for the Model S including extra cooling.