Tesla Model S Versus TVR Tuscan S – Drag Race Video


“Can the electric Tesla Model S beat the TVR Tuscan S in this drag race shoot-out?”

Asks Auto Express.

Seen in the video, the Tesla Model S (P85) rockets off the line into the lead, but the TVR Tuscan S just barely manages to catch up at the end of the 1,800-meter straight.

Time Sheet

Time Sheet

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9 responses to "Tesla Model S Versus TVR Tuscan S – Drag Race Video"
  1. Nelson says:

    No competition for the PP85D.

    NPNS! SBF!

    1. Nelson says:

      Sorry for the extra P. 🙂
      Model S P85D.

      NPNS! SBF!

  2. JRMW says:

    It’s amazing what Tesla has been able to do with a sedan. The 0-60 times are awe inspiring.
    but people shouldn’t delude themselves. Tesla model S is “tuned” specifically for 0-60 performance. It can compete with these other cars at 0-60 but then steadily falls behind the rest of the race track.

    It’s a rocketship sedan not a race track king.

    Tesla was VERY wise to focus on 0-60 stats because that’s by far the best known stat for regular Joes like me.

    And let’s face it regular folk will never put an S on a race track. But we all accelerate 0-60 getting on the highway every day. And we all cruise at 70-80 mph every day. And we all drive in a city every day.

    So tesla has nailed a common guys sports use while being able to use a drag race for free publicity.

    It steals a lot of business from BMW M series. Mercedes AMG and Porsche. People look at that 0-60 and ask why anybody woukd ever buy the Panamera. (Answer: because sports enthusiasts love the growl of a Porsche and the handling on twisty roads. Not me, id take the Tesla)

    It really is genius.

  3. Thanh Lim says:

    I wonder what they could do with a revamped Roadster? 4 wheel drive on that thing on a two seater woule mean?…

  4. Bonaire says:

    How about five laps of Laguna Seca?

    1. Tech01x says:

      Who cares? Don’t you have another car for that? I wouldn’t want to risk my daily driver for a few laps around Laguna Seca.

  5. Mark C says:

    The great part is the lack of drama making it down the track in the Tesla. The driver could’ve had a sip of his coffee before the big end of the track. The Tuscan S, a very nice car indeed, takes far more effort to make it in that length of time. Both are very nice in their own right.

    1. codyozz says:

      Not to mention ICE vehicles have had the luxury of a development period of over 100 years. Give Tesla a 100 years to build a race car and I think we’d see a totally different outcome.
      Electric power is by far and away much more linear and flexible than a typical racing ICE car.
      Heck, give Tesla another 6 months and they’ll kill the competition!!