Tesla Model S Versus … The Renault ZOE? (Video)

NOV 24 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

The Tesla Model S P100D has been tested against the … Renault ZOE?   Carwow has apparently decided to compare and contrast the differences between the longer range EVs found on the far ends of the plug-in spectrum for Europe; and is answering the questions that no one is asking.

Tesla Model S Versus…Renault ZOE – carwow

The comparison includes acceleration tests, brake tests and range anxiety tests.

As it turns out, the Tesla Model S won three out of five challenges.

Anyway, the affordability of the ZOE makes it more accessible to more Europeans, and therefore is rewarded in the monthly sales stats.

“The Tesla Model S P100D is the car that every EV fan aspires to, but the Renault Zoe is the EV that most people can afford. Is the Tesla worth the extra £100,000-plus? I put the pair through a series of challenges to find out!”

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Testing the Guess-O-Meter after doing WOT runs is silly. It just shows that the Tesla is predicting that you are likely to do another WOT run soon since you just got done doing a couple of WOT runs.

Yeah, a stupid test. Still, we all know that the Zoe would use less energy even if they did a valid test.

Yea, which is the craziest part about the test. They could have actually done a completely valid test and proven the Zoe is more efficient. But they only wanted to spend less than 5 minutes to drive 3 miles instead and got bogus results. Oh well.

of all the tesla stuff you guys post it’s now day two of the Australian battery being complete (articles were showing up about completion / final testing showing up yesterday with more showing up today.)


poo. somehow I missed your article a couple down, must have been the windmill(!?) that threw me.

all good, lots of stuff happening, (=

Stupid tests without any sense! Especially the range test on guestmeter! LOL

The point of this is that the best use of EVs is to create efficient cars (max miles per kwh.) that are affordable enough to replace a large fraction of the cars ordinary people can afford.

Looked at this way the Zoe is a valuable contribution toward a more sustainable world while the Model S is (like many high priced ICE vehicles) a wasteful toy for the rich.

Not useful tests. Ideal amount of regenerative breaking to do when the breaks are not applied is a matter of preference.

So why don’t they give an option so you can adjust the amount of regen you want? My Leaf CAN regen about 40kW, but only when applying the brakes, and very inconsistent as to the conditions when it will do that. It is obvious they manage regen via software because a) you can change from D to ECO mode and regen changes accordingly, and b) when you put your foot on the brake it increases the regen to some arbitrary amount.
After 6yrs of Leaf development and they have not added this option, if Zoe is the same then it is just a joke how these companies don’t respond to any customer feedback or requests.
At least Tesla has an option for 2 regen settings.

Nice basic tests.
I’d like to see which one loses the most battery power after parking over night?

Which uses the most energy after say a 50 mile trip?

Which cost the most to own for 1 yr, 5 years 10 years.

Which batteries hold up the best after 5 years and 20 years?