Tesla Model S Versus Race-Prepped Ford Ranger – Drag Race Video


Now That's Some Serious Power

Now That’s Some Serious Power

You win some…you lose some.

When you see the burnout this built-up Ford Ranger is capable of, you’d probably figure the Tesla Model S is no match.

Well, this time you’d be right.  Even off the line, the Model S gets beat in this quarter-mile race.

“Tesla Model S vs Built Ford Ranger Drag Race at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison CO at almost 6000 feet above sea level.”

We’re certain a Model S will soon appear again on the track to take a win, but this time the purpose-built Ford is the winner.

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Tesla didn’t do bad considering that is strictly a drag truck that might get 4 miles per gallon on the highway.

Considering the enormous tires (and hence traction) that ford has, I’d say the fact that the two were even considered as competitors is pretty remarkable. The fact the Tesla lost by 1 second really speaks volumes.. One one hand you have this highly modified vehicle that might not even be street legal. It’s ridiculously noisy, and probably gets 3 miles per gallon. And on the other hand you have a factory built electric car and there is only 1 second difference.

David, there is NOTHING ridiculous about THAT noise! If electric cars sounded like that I bet the sales would double over night! 🙂


This is a good example on how absurd a vehicle has to be to beat this mass produced EV.


Even if the Tesla won, I’d say “so what?”

Fans of trucks like that will never go for anything without roaring tailpipes.

At least the truck didn’t “roll coal” on the Model S

Has anyone ran a Model S with slicks or drag radials yet? I wonder if its drive line would handle much more force.

ugly gas guzzling hunk of metal vs. a sick ass super sleek electric sedan

I’m sure the truck is NOT street legal and can not meet any of the required safety and emissions standards. It is good that they were racing on a race track and not city streets.

If you want to see a F A S T electric car, check out the ‘White Zombie’ on youtube…