Tesla Model S Versus Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S – 0 to 200 KM/H – Video


In this Tesla Model S matchup versus the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S, the Tesla is way outgunned, but still it manages to keep pace with the hotrod AMG for quite some time.

It’s a o to 200 km/h shoot out and here are the vital specs:

E 63 AMG S

For a Split Second, The Tesla Model S Is In The Lead

For a Split Second, The Tesla Model S Is In The Lead

  • V8 biturbo
  • 585 PS
  • 800 NM
  • 1,865 kg

Tesla Model S

  • Electric motor
  • 422 PS
  • 600 NM
  • 2,100 kg

In the end, the Tesla is no match for the might Merc, but for s split second the Model S holds its own.

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How many times does any one need to reach 200 in such a short time? And where on earth can one do it legally? As you can see Germany is soon going to have 25% of its energy cut off by Putin, yet Germany makes cars that use gasoline! And burns it really fast as you can see!

Its really not even as close as it seems. With a good launch.. The magazine tests shows a 3.4-3.6 sec 0-60 time for the AMG and the Audi. 3.7 for the M5 due to it not being all wheel drive. They also trap over 10mph faster than the S in the qtr mile. The S would need over 130 more Hp to keep up.. Or lose about 1200lbs!

I have a car that tests to 60mph in 4.1, and think the 0-60 thing gets obsessive. Some cars do 7, some 9+ and some break below 5 or 6, is how I see it. However, doing ~4 with the Tesla’s weight, silently, can’t be quantified.

I look for immediate power a lot more than I drag race. And with today’s monstrous, beyond ridiculous available top gear horsepower (notice the AMG’s legs, at 200kph) it is surprising more people under laws not to exceed ~100kph, aren’t asking themselves “what’s the point?”.

A person for whom 3.5, over 4.5, matters in passenger cars, is someone who is either posing, or needs to get something out of their system. If it makes a difference, than no street car will do.

Given the massive variation in the two cars’ specs, it seems to me to be a pointless comparison. Short of bending the laws of physics, the Merc is obviously going to win by a huge margin.

The fact that one is electric and the other runs on gas is pretty well irrelevant. If they were closer in specs, it would have been more interesting.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Here’s the thing though: how useful is this test case in traffic?

I mean, in order to get those low times (0-60 and 1/4 mile), you really need to have a good launch and shifting in an ICE, while in an EV you just mash the pedal and go. Also, there’s no hesitation or gaps in the power curve in an EV, which makes the thrust more reliable and predictable while in traffic. And no noise to alert the fuzz!

Still, let’s see the rematch once Model S gets a front motor!

The ET of the video is 5 seconds at 101kph, so probably the 85, not the P85.

Well the Mercedes is not available with a manual transmission, so not much skill in launching the new AWD ones. Any of these new supersedans will leave the new ~450hp Vette Stingray in a Straight line race… Easily. And we know the P85 has problems even with that base Hp Vette. It’s not only 0-60mph. But everyday highway passing is actually where the AMG is in a whole different league. , 60-100mph would be a slaughter. I would love the power. As some of you have seen the videos of my 130mph qtr mph trap BMW would require a Tesla 200 more Hp to keep up with me. And I enjoyed every bit of my Hp almost every day I drove my car. FYI.. My best 0-60 was 3.1 seconds. I have a 2013 Mini-Cooper S with a simple tune. Runs 1000hp in the qtr mile. Ran a Grey P85 three times yesterday. Was actually kind of funny with his approx 7mph trap speed advantage, 10-65mph around town.. He would only pull me by about a car and a half. About what you would expect in a car walking away from me at perhaps 5mph at those speeds before hitting… Read more »

Meant 100mph trap on the Mini S. Either way the Tesla owner was probably quite pissed he didn’t get much more than a car length in three races.

The AMG is really fast, but the P85 is faster than other speedy sedans in passing.

MotorTrend has a 45-65MPH passing test in every detailed review, and cars like the Panamera GTS, 650i, M5, S7, etc all lose to the P85. Passing is the strongest trait of the car.

Goes to show you the needed magnitude of power an ICE needs to beat a 4 door sedan Model S.

So why don’t they give us the difference in prices of the 2 vehicles….lol

Merc is $92,770

Now what edition is the Model S? P85+ or 60KWh?

Man, that is an unattractive car.


How much does each car cost to buy? And how much per mile to drive?