Tesla Model S Versus Mazdaspeed 3 – Video

Tesla Model S Versus Mazdaspeed3


Which vehicles hasn’t the Tesla Model S been pitted against?

Tesla Model S Versus Mazdaspeed3

Tesla Model S Versus Mazdaspeed3

One answer to that question would be the Mazdaspeed3.

In this particular match up, a 2014 Tesla Model S faces off against a tuned Mazdaspeed3 with a claimed 300 hp on tap.

The race takes place in Lviv, Ukraine and we’ll be the first to point out that a bare stock Model S against a highly modded vehicle that’s thousands of pounds lighter doesn’t seem to be a fair match up.

However, the Model S has that electric-drive benefit.

The result?  Well, you’ll have to check out the video to see which vehicle comes in first.


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I traded in my Mazdaspeed3 when I bought my Volt. The Volt is obviously slower, but its silent acceleration off the line is so much easier to use, and I don’t feel like “boy racer” drawing attention to myself.

Stock Model S as in not the P85? If not a P85 is it an 85 or 60? All 3 have different hp.

looks like a standard 85 but cant tell for sure.

Those are not the 21″ wheels. I guess starting with the 2014’s you could get a P85 Performance (not the Performance Plus) with 19’s, but I’ve never seen one. Earlier years the P85 Performance came standard with 21 inch wheels. So I’m guessing this isn’t a P85? Hard to tell.

Uh, there are 3 85KWH models: Standard, Performance and Performance Plus. Generally, P85 refers to the Performance model and P85+ refers to the Performance Plus model. You can easily get the Performance model in 19″ wheels. That’s how mine came.

Sounds like the Mazda isn’t even trying hard. He’s nowhere near redline shifts.

It Mazda’s stock exhaust, sound like snake in red line you can’t hear classic car sound just pshhhhh 🙂

Guys! This is my Tesla Model S 60 Kw Here is original video from my car https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=218091681719156&set=vb.157599631101695&type=2&theater There were two parts, and video here shows race in wrong order because it was edited like this. On the first part I braked a little at the start to make it more fun so I lost on the second part Tesla was faster and we stopped at 155 Km/h I’m the first owner of Tesla Model S in Ukraine and founder of club, please check my FB page facebook.com/teslamotors.lviv.ua

Ok, but why Tesla can’t overtake Mazdaspeed after your little braking? And what is difference which part of video is first? Final is similar in both parts.