Tesla Model S Versus Honda S2000 – Video


Model S Versus Honda S2000

Model S Versus Honda S2000

The latest pretender to challenge the Tesla Model S is this underwhelming Honda S2000.

Honda’s sporty roadster is no match for the Tesla.  Not on paper, nor at the strip.

The S2000 is unique in that it redlines at over 8,000 rpm.  However, its max horsepower rating is right at redline, meaning you’ve got to really rev it to get access to the power.

On the other hand, the Model S produces max HP almost immediately.

Here are some of the vital specs:

Honda S2000

  • 2.0-liter
  • 237 hp
  • 162 pound-feet of torque
  • Curb weight: 2,864 pounds

Tesla Model S

Model S Specs

Model S Specs



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Aw man, now I miss my sunshine yellow S2000! I don’t miss the screaming motor, though.

The S2000 I had red-lined at over 9000 RPM, and produced 240HP from a 2.0L engine. It was quite an impressive piece of engineering. But all that is yesterday’s technology and yesterday’s toys.

Naturally the Tesla beats the S2000 on the drag strip. That’s not really what the car was built for – it is light and nimble, and would give the much heavier Tesla a run for its money in any course with curves.


I also used to own a Honda S2000. Shiny red little convertible. I loved that sound as the VTEC engine shifted the timing and it roared.

But I’ve grown up since then and put away such needlessly loud and needless polluting toys. The conventional ICE car is dead to me.

Build the MINI Superleggera Vision please, BMW. I still like the roadster format.


Warren M

Lucky for the Tesla it wasn’t one of the many turbo S 2000s running around. Again the trap speed on the Tesla is underwhelming compared to the supersedans out there where 550+hp is the norm now. They will all pull 10-15mph faster by the end of the qtr mile, and the gap only widens from there.


“the Model S produces max HP almost immediately”

No, it doesn’t.

Max Torque, yes. Max HP, NO.

Torque x RPM = HP… At 0RPM, you got no power.


Whoa – I had 2007 Honda S2000 Rio Yellow Pearl! Loved that car. It was crazy fun. Quick. Stylish. Easy to use convertible top. The handling was simply amazing. The gearbox was perfect and gave you an intimate connection to the engine. It was a real driver’s car. Funny, I’ve grown up a bit, too, and when I sold it, I bought solar panels for my house and put a down payment on a 2011 LEAF. That LEAF is long gone (did not last well in the Phoenix heat), and now we’re a 2 Tesla family – Roadster and Model S.

The 0-60 on a 2008 Honda S2000 is 5.6 seconds, so it’s comparable to the Model S 85. The P and P+, however, is in a different class.

I, too, would like to see a turbo S2000 vs. a stock P or P+, or vs. the Roadster, although the Roadster loses some oomph at higher speeds. It’s like a bat out of hell off the line, but it feels like it needs a second gear for better high speed acceleration.

Great cars all around. Happy to see this posted here.

Josh Bryant

Another former S2k driver here, AP1 (9000 RPM redline), black on black on black.

I have to say, that was a terrible launch by the S2k driver. You need to rev to about 7500-8000 and drop the clutch. You are looking for just a tiny bit of wheel spin, so you are in VTEC after the tires hook up. Launching that car was truly an art.

The Model S would still blow it away off the line though.

The S2k was a fun car at the time, but electric drive has stone my heart now.

mike w

The video was a bit underwhelming. we see the cars take off from the starting line but don’t see who crossed the finish line first or their times.