Tesla Model S Versus Ford Mustang GT500 – Drag Race Video


Let's Race

Let’s Race

“Tesla Model S races a GT500 Shelby Ford Mustang at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado at almost 6,000 feet above sea level.”

And the winner is?

Well, the Tesla Model S definitely grabs the lead right off the line, but then the 662 horsepowers in the the GT500 take over.

The Model S shouldn’t be able to run with the GT500 and for the most part it can’t, but seeing the electric get such a BIG early lead speaks volumes for what instant torque provides you with—a vehicle capable of beating almost everything out there in stoplight-to-stoplight dashes.

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130mph trap vs 105mph. With two hundred fifty HP more, the Tesla might be able to keep up, lol.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Tesla actually takes off half a second earlier than the Mustang?

It absolutely does. Either the Tesla jumped the gun by a lot or the the GT500 was asleep behind the wheel.

The video is not showing the tree. It could be different dial in.

cant you tell by the final thing the rt of the ford was like .6 more than the tesla

Exactly it’s a handicapped race.

I’m lost…what is the infatuation with the desire to drag race with the Tesla? IGAF. I’ve been driving for 50 years and have never needed any vehicle to go from 0-60 in 4 sec. Never had a problem merging onto a freeway with what I drive. Nope, just don’t get it!

It’s an American thing. Hard to explain….

Before the advent of the internet, riceboys err I mean raceboys in other countries were limited in their vehicle customization options. The best they can do is lower the shocks, shiny alloy rims, add a loud exhaust, 12″ subwoofers, you know mostly bling mods. Typical engines then are mostly inline 4 bangers that don’t lend itself well to mods.

While they were doing that, in America, you get access to cold air intake kits, ECU programming mods, various types of HP-boosting exhaust mods, even bolt-on turbo kits. I can easily trick out my V8 from 300+hp to 500+hp. So every time someone adds a mod to his (no her sorry) car, he’d want to race anyone at the stop light just to feel good about the mods. That passion grew into drag racing. It’s not about skill (maybe a wee bit), it’s about the mods.

Hope this helps you understand….

“but seeing the electric get such a BIG early lead speaks volumes for what instant torque provides you with”

That is a silly statement.

It was all from the driver’s reaction and has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TORQUE.

All the early lead that Tesla had was all from the launch reaction and as soon as the GT was moving, the gap started to shrink….

“It was all from the driver’s reaction and has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TORQUE.”

Yes and no. The Mustang got off late, which can be seen in the reaction times on the board before the cars finish the race. It is partly because the Tesla is really hard to not get a great start, whereas the Mustang provides multiple ways to flub the takeoff.

A big point completely misunderstood is why the Tesla is virtually unbeatable up to about 50 mph by other street cars. Although the Tesla provides plenty of torque, the magic is in the electric motor with traction control. The electric motor adjusts much faster than a system that has to change gasoline intake or uses ABS. This allows the Tesla to achieve a near optimal grip. After about 50 mph, there a quite a few cars with more HP/pound that will walk away from the Tesla.

real world you accelerate.

top speed = worthless

So true…how fast can a vehicle go? THE SPEED LIMIT!!

“…how fast can a vehicle go?” In most cities, no faster than the car in front of them. Those clear, wide open road scenes in commercials are a marketing dream / ploy.