Brammo Empulse vs Tesla Model S (Spoiler Alert)


Heading into the Corkscrew

Heading into the Corkscrew

Brammo’s latest video comes from the ReFuel 2014 Laguna Seca run, where Brammo did some fun shootouts between the Empulse R (the production, non-race model with the 6-speed tranny) piloted by Eric Bostrom and a Tesla Model S, (with the awesome name “Teslarati“).  We all know how this is going to end, right?  Somebody’s going to end up crying, and it ain’t gonna be Bostrom. It’s a sweet split-screen view with commentary by Bostrom, and probably the closest we’ll get to running that track at respectable speeds. Enjoy, and thanks to Brammo, Eric Bostrom and Vlad – the guy they sandbagged into driving the Tesla.

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Who would win in a 3 mile straight stretch?

Tesla Model S top speed = 130mph
Brammo Empulse top speed = 110mph

Not having the specs in front of me, I’ll ask this, which has the faster “zero to top speed” time, and go from there.

Both the Brammo and the Tesla are doing 100+ mph by the quarter mile. So the elapsed time for a 3 mile straight will be dominated by the top speed, i.e. Tesla.

I would have thought I’d hear a lot more gear shifting on the Brammo.

“Bostrom”…the guy is an racing legend let’s at least nail the spelling.


You mean “a racing legend”

let’s at least get the grammar right.

Fair enough, In my haste to correct the spelling error I fell into the grammar trap! Nice catch. Crawling back into my internet hole…

“Motorcycle beats car again”

Haha, that sound be a carefully guarded statement. I love bikes, got a Yamaha R6 and a Kawasaki Ninja so I’m not anti-bike, but come on, that bike only has a 58 mile highway range so the average Joe won’t be going more than 50 miles round trip with it. Kinda crippling, no?

Gotta hand it to the Tesla Model S – it’s nearly the king of everything. You need a top of the line drag/sports car to beat it in a race, you need a SUV to beat it for passenger space or cargo volume and so far no other EV can match its range.

Oh yea, btw, that 58 mile range is when you’re plodding along at 60mph. No motorcyclist rides at 60mph on the freeway. Can’t wait till technology brings a bike that has realistic range and we can let it rip like Eric did.

The 58 mile range is at 70 mph. But you’re correct, electric motorcycles will need much larger batteries and DC quick charging to offer the same type of touring capabilities as the Model S.

At lower speeds – say 40 to 55 mph – the Empulse can do 70 to 100 miles.

Refuel is always a fantastic event — but this year it was just crammed with a couple dozen Tesla Model S. Not really complaining, but it seems appropriate for these guys to get their own track day. Kudos again to Speedventures for putting the event on.