Tesla Model S Versus Boosted Board – Race Video


The Tesla Model S P100D has no equal in terms of off-the-line acceleration in the automotive kingdom, but what if you put the S against something like a skateboard?

Race Time

Or a boosted board, to be more precise.

With its incredibly low curb weight, the board might have a chance, right?

Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) makes an appearance in this video featuring a race between a $1,500 boosted board and a $150,000 Model S.

Which one wins? Check out the video to find out.

Video description:

“The most expensive Boosted Board (Dual+) compared with the most expensive Tesla (Model S P100D).”

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I ride a Z-board San Fransisco Special. It’s a nice complement to my Leaf. It has an 18 mile range and 18 mph top speed. It’s not awd like the boosted board but it sure goes further.

Love my dual motor board. Easy to keep in my trunk. 12 miles range. Nice regeneration braking. I don’t care how far my parking spot is away. I have easily cruised back to my car pushing a shopping cart. Easily carried home my kid”s bicycle from the park.I have towed others on their non powered skateboard. It is such a fun and versatile transportation device. It’s like a big, fast RC car that you can actually stand, or sit on top of.

Ha. Not likely. In order to beat the P100D the boosted board rider would experience over 1.14 Gs laterally.

Unlikely that those tiny hard wheels would have enough grip and the friction between his shoes and the board would be tenuous at best.

The boards are definitely fast enough to give you all the thrills you need. Not for people who lack coordination and balance, that”s for sure. Also, if your not prepared and leaning back when hitting the brakes, you can easily be thrown off the board.

These guys should get a LIFE!

I drive a volt to the train station and I’m seriously thinking about buying a Boosted board for my final two miles from the train station to the office. I ride the bus now but a board just looks like a massive amount of fun even too a nearly 60 year old guy!