Tesla Model S Versus Audi S7 4.0T Quattro – Video


Tesla Model S vs Audi S7

Tesla Model S vs Audi S7

Video description:

“One of today’s best sport sedans takes on the electric car of the future when the Audi S7 4.0T quattro takes on the Tesla’s Model S 90D. Which will be crowned king of the tech cars?”

The Audi S7, with 450 hp on tap, can zip from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, which is actually quicker than the Tesla Model S 90D (0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds).

But how do the two cars compare overall? This video pits the Model S against the equally expensive S7 in an overall shootout and it ends with the required drag race in which the Audi shows its dominance. Then the pair of drivers pick which car reigns supreme and surprisingly it’s not the Tesla this time around.


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compared a top of the line model fully loaded Audi with the mid entry from Tesla?
bad bad dog

“They’re both optioned up to about $95k”

Seems like a fair fight to me.

…and the 90D had a higher base price.

Not true. If I go to Tesla site and pick the base S90D without autopilot and air suspension, etc. the cash price is $74,900. Subtract the $7,500 in fed tax incentives and the base price for the S90D is $67,400.

The base S7 on Audi USA site without Driver Assistance package, etc. is listed as starting at $82,900.

Then a base P90D is listed at $94,900 minus $7,500 incentive comes to $87,400.

So the base P90D is only $5k more than the base S7 vs. the base S7 being $15,500 more than the base S90D.

A more fair comparison of performance would do away with options since those are personal preferences of interior or tech add-ons that aren’t related to performance.

So a closer comparison would be between the base S7 and a base P90D. Even without the $10K Ludicrous upgrade the P90D would win.

Correction. the Tesla prices include the tax incentive. Either way the base S90D is $9K cheaper than the base S7. The P90D is $12K more. So the S7 sits somewhere in between.

Up front price matches up, but that means TCO is vastly different.

S7 5 year maintenance cost: $7,098
S7 5 year fuel cost, 12k @ 21 mpg @ $3 premium = $8,570

Model S 5 year maintenance: $2,100 + $400 = $2,500
Model S 5 year energy cost, 12k @ 330 wh/m @ $0.12 kWh: $2,200 (7.5% Supercharger use)

S7 is $15,668 vs. $4,700 for the S, or about $11,000.

That’s assuming no repairs, the Model S drivetrain is under 8 year, unlimited mile warranty.

Extend this comparison out to 8 years, and the cost difference more than doubles, as the repair cost on the Audi starts to really rack up.

That more than pays the $20k difference going to the P90D.

Note that my energy cost (super off peak ToU rate) in that scenario is under $1,100. The more miles you drive, the cheaper the Model S is compared to ICE competition.

+1 Total Cost of Ownership. Many details, but Tesla resale cleans up.

I’d rather track the S7, but that’s not how I’d use this kind of car.

In Australia the two base cars with air suspension has the Tesla at about A$170k and the Audi S7 at A$193k
Over $20k saving plus fuel and servicing

It’s a fair fight. Tesla should bring down the cost or increase the features. I am sure it’s cheaper to make the model s today than 3 years ago.

Looks Fixed to me ..Hardly obvious that the Tesla Took off Too late & gave the audi a head start…get someone who knows how to drive that Tesla ! …

Loud motor noise is a selling point? Not.
AWD vrs. Rear wheel drive? Win for Tesla.
Calling the Tesla a toy. Right. Prejudicial FUD.
Carrying capacity: Win for Tesla.
Over the air update: Win for Tesla.
Autopilot: Win for Tesla.
Interior: Win for Audi.
Drag Race: win for Audi. (barely)
Hardly a contest.

Don’t forget smooth. Even with dual clutch, I’m curious how smooth modern high end gas cars are. I suspect even my el-cheapo SparkEV is smoother than that over priced herky-jerky Audi.

DSG VW/Audi way worse than PDK Porsche. Nothing smoother than one wide gear, though.

plus didn’t the audi jump the gun?

Well yes. I forgot to mention that.

One minor quibble. Quattro on an Audi means AWD, so I’m guessing that would be a tie. Although the reviewers liked the Audi’s more aggressive torque vectoring on turns at speed.

Oh yeah. Quatro is four in Spanish. Thanks for pointing that out.

Four in spanish is “cuatro”, quattro is four in italian (both languajes are pretty similar, both evolve from latin)

“Quatro” is four in Portuguese….

Both of these are AWD, you can see the front tires skidding in the drag race start. And in the end they both concede that the quiet cabin is probably better on a day to day basis.

Also, when they show of the Audi dash it also showed 16.5 MPG for a bit 😀

That alone is one of the reasons they’ll only sell 5 of them in the Netherlands in a whole year with 7$ per gallon of petrol, not even suggesting premium petrol at 8$ per gallon.

The Tesla is far Superior in every way!!! ..Audi’s are Junk (I owned a few)..Nothing but issues .,And am audi Will do nothing for you , I was on my own …all they do is Break!…Had to get rid of it . My experience…..no more Audi’s for me..N0 More “ICE” either…

Tesla is pretty lucky to have everyone documenting points to improve and not having to pay them. Fun video to watch and I can’t wait to see what the model s upgrades will be.

Tesla “Listens” They Value Customer Feed back & act on it , Tesla Gets things Done!! Unlike the Self Important Arrogant Big Car Makers that won’t give customers/people a second look & suggestions fall on Deaf ears….I hope they learn an expensive lesson…

I wonder what was the state of charge in the Model S when they did the drag race. I’m thinking it might have been run down quite a lot.

Three things the Audi is better at:
– Torque vectoring (strange Tesla hasn’t implemented that… the dual motor setup should allow for it)
– Interior quality (not layout) but I prefer the simplicity of the Tesla
– Looks, the S7 is just better looking, more aggressive and the grill has a function unlike the Model S fake grill

However, the combustion engine ruins it all so the aforementioned qualities aren’t enough.

16.5 mpg…

Gas guzzlers are toxic poison machines period. Tesla wins.

Who care the Audi on this site…..

I can’t wait to see what an experienced automaker like Audi can do with a pure electric drive train. Combining the inherent advantages of the EV drive train with handling and interiors that have been refined over decades should result in a fantastic car.

I agree. Audi has been credited with not putting typical understeer into its AWD (R8 I think). Whether torque vectored, or limited slip, they allow their drivers to explore the limits and steer with the throttle. Tesla hasn’t produced an AWD car, where on-throttle understeer, or oversteer, are possible for the driver. What isn’t their mission, will become their loss.

Yeah, this looks like a pretty fair matchup. At first glance I wondered why they didn’t put the P90D against it, but prices do match, and the Audi just slightly outperformed the equivalent Tesla. I’m a little surprised.

As others pointed out, the Tesla will kill the Audi in total cost of ownership over 5 years or so, with it’s killer efficiency, cheap electricity, low maintenance and high resale value. If you have the money up front you could probably match the Audi total cost of ownership with a P90D and have better performance to boot.

They Audi is NOT an American designed, engineered and manufactured vehicle.. and it runs on gasoline.. anyone that needs to nit pick over a few seconds in a auarter mile or a few tenths in a xero to sixty..as they determining factor over which vehicle is bedt.. is not getting it… and bedides that..audis suck.. best joeski1

They Audi is NOT an American designed, engineered and manufactured vehicle.. and it runs on gasoline.. anyone that needs to nit pick over a few seconds in a quarter mile or a few tenths of a second in a xero to sixty..as the determining factor over which vehicle is best.. is not getting it… and besides that..audi’s suck.. best joeski1.. click two single times on my name for a link to my web page.. the mobile generic site loads first..

No contest
Tesla helps save the planet
Gas-guzzling S7 does the opposite.
– the only criteria that matters

Hilarious to read some of the misinformed commenters. You guys need to get a better prospective angle on life.