Tesla Model S Ventures From Mexican Border To Fairbanks, Alaska


“It’s a lot of fun. The moment you feel that instant torque – it’s like a sports car and can go 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds – they call it the Tesla grin.”

Picture from Tesla Motor Club.

Picture from Tesla Motor Club.

Says Guy Hall, who took his 85 kWh Tesla Model S on a venture from Yuma, Arizona to Fairbanks, Alaska. 3,600 miles without a drop of gas!

Hall is a 30-year employee of Hewlett-Packard who admits to not being much of an automotive enthusiast, owning cars such as Ford Tauruses his whole life.  By no means there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hall is rather a tech guy. Which vehicles are chock full of a lot of innovative technology?  If you answered electric vehicles, then you’d would be correct. Sure enough, Hall and his family own a Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF and his Model S.

An interesting comment from Hall:

“What surprises me is that with most tech businesses, you try to innovate on one or two dimensions, but they’ve innovated on everything and seem to have kept it all in control. It just boggles my mind.”

Hall completed the trip in 17 days, mainly using Tesla’s superchargers. Though the trip would not be so easy had he not used some Level II chargers. Some planning was involved:

“I sat down with a pad of paper and figured I could do it.  I also had plan Bs and plan Cs, just in case.”

Hall calls the trip the T5 (Tesla Tijuana to Tundra Tour)

We always thought the real fun of a road trip in a Model S would be to slow down. How so? It can give you the opportunity to explore the many areas involved where the chargers are available.  This is precisely what Hall discovered.

Hall said that while it took him longer to get to Fairbanks than it would have in a gasoline-fueled car, it gave him an opportunity to explore Canada and Alaska in a way that he wouldn’t have been able to if he was speeding through.

“It slows you down to take a break. Sometimes it’s about an hour, but you get a chance to meet people. I’ve met some marvelously nice people here.”

Model S owners, what is the longest road trip you have been on? Any issues?

*Editor’s Note: Guy Hall is a board member of the Electric Auto Association (EAA).  InsideEVs works side-by-side with the EAA to promote the adoption of electric vehicles around the world.

Sources: newsminer, Tesla Motors Club, DeLORME.

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“Hall is rather a tech guy. Which vehicles are chock full of a lot of innovative technology? If you answered Chevy Volt, then you’d would be correct. Sure enough, Hall and his family own a Chevrolet Volt,”

Need I say more? I think not. There’s actually MORE tech in the Chevy Volt than in the Tesla Model S………and at 1/3 the price.

Volt has more tech? LOL

Volt’s tech is a mess, too many unnecessary buttons that have no use, music system is slow and doesn’t have the essential features.

Teslas tech, styling, design, everything about the car is the cleanest and best out of any car ever made.

Volt has an antenna sticking up on the top, Tesla has multiple antennas hidden in various parts of the car to give the exterior a clean look.

Volt = technological mess
Tesla = technological masterpiece

btw i have a Volt

While many of your points are valid, the fact remains that joining an electric and gasoline power plant seemlessly is a difficult job.

I think the folks at GM did a good job with that, as well as the battery.

If you actually own a Volt and count the buttons, then you would know that it has less buttons than similar cars with similar features. (Try a Honda Accord)

Also, just about all the touch sensitive button functions can be replaced in the touch screen.

At least Volt as a volume knob which you can tune without taking your eyes off the road where you can’t do the same in the Tesla.

Although both has the volume adjustment on the steering wheel.

The buttoms are actually much larger than people think due the entire area of the buttom.

Personally, I think the Tesla touchscreen was cool at the first look but it is actually more attention grabbing when used during an actual drive. Maybe I am getting old…

The quote was actually, “Hall is rather a tech guy. Which vehicles are chock full of a lot of innovative technology? If you answered electric vehicles, then you’d would be correct. Sure enough, Hall and his family own a Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF and his Model S.”

I’m trying hard to understand the psyche behind making comments like yours. Selectively choosing parts of a quote and then stating it as if it was the complete quote is just wrong. Why do Volt owners always seem to slam the Tesla? Why? If you like your Volt and you believe you made a good decision purchasing it, then why slam the Tesla? Could it be that you wish you could in fact own a Tesla? If not, give it a rest.

I didn’t slam the Tesla.

I just said the Volt has more tech in it at 1/3 the price.

That is a slam. Not a total slam but a slam.

Best thing I can say about the Volt is that it probably has more MECHANICAL tech than the Tesla.

Tesla definitely wins in ELECTRONIC tech.

At least the gearbox works. The S has so few mechanical parts and the few that it DOES have are prone to a high failure rate.

Complete Model S driveunit failures that leave the owner stranded are pretty rare. Many drive units were swapped out, but most were swapped for making an unacceptable amount of noise in an otherwise silent car. When the drive unit in my car started making noise, I initially thought it was the car next to me. But since I will probably never buy a car as expensive as this again and it was still under warranty I asked them to swap out the drive unit and they happily complied.

The purpose of the article was to celebrate the long trip that Guy Hall took with his BEV, in this case a Tesla, not act like 5-year old’s and have a discussion on why my car is better than your car!! “Yes it is”, “no it isn’t”, “yes it is”, “no it isn’t”…..

Please go review the statement I made and the progression of comments after the statement.

All I said was that the Volt has more tech in it than the Tesla at 1/3 the price. I think it is a valid statement. The statement was relative to a statement made in the article. The guy that owns the S also owns a Volt also.

Then EV came in and slammed the Volt.

Then you come in and accuse me of slamming the Tesla which I did not.

I would suggest YOU give it a rest. You and EV started on this silly harrang, not me.

After some consideration, I agree that my remark was not pertinent to the subject of the article.

The point of the article was the Tesla road trip. My apologies to Mr Hall.

Prove the S has a high failure rate.

Anecdotal evidence proves nothing.

Volt is more complicated. Doesn’t mean it has more advanced tech. Yes, Volt has more 20th century tech.

farthest I went was from Orlando to West Palm Beach. I wasnt fully charged when I left so I stopped in port st lucie for about 20 minutes and went down to west palm and stopped in port st lucie again on the way back for like 25 minutes and had something to eat and then went home the long way through melbourne. I think it was 365 miles total.

Who will be the first one to go around the world in a model S? When will that be possible at all? Using boats whenever necessary of course.


GH>…sat down with a pad of paper…

And a paper map no doubt 😉

Old school, meet new school:


Congratulations Guy, sounds like it was a lot of fun. You have me beat by about 2,300 miles.

“Model S owners, what is the longest road trip you have been on? Any issues?” The longest trip I’ve taken so far is a ~2,300 mile round trip from the SF bay area to Las Cruces, NM last December. There are some great rock shops across the street from the Quartzsite AZ superchargers. My wife and I also went wine tasting in Wilcox AZ while we were adding some range at the magic circle RV park. All the stops at the Tesla superchargers were fine as was charging at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson and the RV park. But there was only one 80A charger at Chiriaco Summit and three Teslas decided to show up. Luckily I had an adapter for a 50A welder outlet and a very nice guy by the name of Herb moved some equipment around to let me charge from the welder outlet in his shop. But the biggest problem was with the Blink charger I planned to use in Phoenix. Blink decided that no normal person would use an electric car on the weekend before Christmas and decided to take down their system for maintenance without telling those of us who only signed up… Read more »

Excellent information. I would think that when the time comes to take that long road trip with a Tesla, I would totally plan on only using Superchargers. There are thousands of other chargers out there, but like what you wrote, you just don’t know if they will be working when you are running low on juice. Great info..Thanks.

17 day trip driving a car? I would have preferred more detail on where he stopped, what attractions he took in. Here, it appears to be solely a publicity stunt rather than a vacation.

I think you are correct. But then, as EV/BEV enthusiasts aren’t we trying to shout out that BEV’s can have RANGE, and right now only the Tesla gives that extended range. So why not a little publicity about every story of someone traveling long distances with their Tesla? Musk gave up the patents, now it’s up to other manufacturers to get on the stick and provide longer range vehicles. Until then showcase any long range trip someone takes in a Tesla or any BEV, and let the public know that BEV’s are here to stay. Yep, I also think just a little more info on the sights he was able to see while traveling long range in his Tesla would have made the story a little more interesting.

Check out his own personal writeup. They really should’ve just included a link to it.


My longest trip was just last weekend – 2500mi round trip from St Louis to Cooperstown, NY. Myself and 3 other guys hit up a total of 12 Superchargers (some twice) over the course of 6 days, and saw our hometown Cardinals play in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on the way back. Best road trip ever!