Tesla Model S Underbody Shields Installed – Consumer Reports Video


Before And After Underbody Shield Install

Before And After Underbody Shield Install

“New shields add protection for the Tesla Model S battery after several road debris-caused fires”

“Consumer Reports gets our Model S test car updated and shows you the fix firsthand.”

States Consumer Reports.

This highly detailed video shows the underbody protection that’s been added to the Model S.

Thanks to Consumer Reports, we get the clearest look yet at where the shields gets installed and at the undercarriage of the Model S post install.

Of note is how “clean” the underbody remains after the addition of the shields.  Aerodynamically, it’s practically unaltered.

If you own a Model S, chime in on whether or not you’ve had the shields installed.

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That was the best description/video of the mod I’ve seen so far.

What impact does this mod impart to the automated battery swap system they’ve been working on? Lots of bolts get covered up…

I kinda doubt they would install a new thing that prevents battery swap from working. Perhaps this angle just makes it look like they are covered up but they are really not.


In the video it looks like the visible aluminum piece under the car is attached directly to the battery and the black titanium piece is attached to the car. The two many not be connected to each other allowing the battery to swap while protecting the leading edge.

WTF is “ballistic grade aluminum”? Does Tesla have a mil-spec # they are meeting?

I got the upgrade on my Model S. Without a lift you can’t see the change and the handling is unchanged.

Here is a link to a company selling Aluminimun armor plate. Looks like it needs to be certified to ASTM B-209. I wonder if Tesla’s aluminum is?


The installation only took an hour once the technicians started working on the Model S. it will add peace of mind when driving across country. With over 23,000 miles, I am very pleased with the P85.