Tesla Model S Trailer Hitch Install & Towing – Videos


Starting to install EcoHitch

Starting to install EcoHitch

KmanAuto provides us with detailed instructions, as well as elaborates on what you need to how to properly install an EcoHitch on a Tesla Model S.

Kman makes sure everything is in order to ensure the EcoHitch is installed correctly.

There are scenes of what the Model S looks like internally for those interested, as many components are removed for the installation like the dual bumper reinforcement for those who have the Rear Facing Child Seat option.

You will see the installation of the EcoHitch on a Model S in the video above.  Below are some related EcoHitch videos uploaded by KmanAuto:

Tesla Model S: EcoHitch Unboxing & First Impressions.

Tesla Model S: First Time Towing a Trailer. 

Tesla Model S EcoHitch Installation KmanAuto

EcoHitch Installation Complete.

*Editors Note:  Per Tesla Motors, the Tesla Model S is not recommended for towing, so installing a tow hitch goes against the recommendations of the manufacturer.  The upcoming Model X is expected to be rated for towing.

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would never tow anything

Have to give this guy credit for doing this on a video. Some helpful tips and I’m sure others may take this on themselves. I hope the Model X just comes with this option. A bike rack or stowaway2.com cargo carrier would go nicely there.

Voids the warranty. If someone can afford an $80k vehicle, they can afford a second vehicle for towing.

If they want to tow electric, buy a VIA VtruX