Tesla Model S Tows A Generator Long Distance On A Trailer – Video


Model S Towing. Speed and energy consumption.

Model S Towing. Speed and energy consumption.

KmanAuto tows a big generator on a small trailer with his recently installed EcoHitch on his Tesla Model S 60 kWh.

Not only does the Model S tow the guesstimated weight of 300 pounds flawlessly, it only used slightly more power versus not towing.

Kman towed the generator 129 miles to his destination, dropped off the generator, and picked up a 40-pound hitch basket before driving back another 129 miles. All without any issues.

There are multiple scenes of towing this trailer at different levels of acceleration and power use, as you will see in the video above.

*Editor’s note: Per Tesla Motors, the Model S is not rated for towing. Towing with a Model S could void your warranty.

Screen shot of the Trailer used for towing.

Screen shot of the Trailer used for towing.

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The Tesla hauling a 300lb generator looks like a joke, imagine really hauling something like this around all of the time to increase your range !
Of course, if you buy a new BMW i3, that is exactly what you are doing,,,,,,,,,the difference is the Generator in the i3, weighs
330lb !!!!!

Then one simply buys the i3 BEV if one has a problem with a range extender. It isn’t rocket science.

Rocket science is what distracts Tesla from a perfect EREV.

A conviction that cars must be 100% electric and rockets must be 100% fossil is sometimes hard to change. For Elon you split the baby if you add a generator to a car and apparently you also split the baby if you add electric ISP boosting to a rocket.

Haha, clever.

But there is a decent market for pure EVs, and even if that market is 10% and Tesla captures half of it, that’s plenty for them.

The other automakers should be making the perfect PHEV.

You could just as well argue that driving in a Model S, you are always hauling around 1,600 pounds of extra battery (compared to the i3) that you rarely use. 😉

The entire Model S 85 kWh battery weighs about 1,300 lbs. I’m not sure where you are getting 1,600 pounds of extra weight.

It’s the approximate difference in curb weight between the Model S and i3. Yes, it’s not all battery, but the Model S is in part heavier because it needs to be big to accommodate the large battery.

You forgot the weight of the trailer, trailer mounting system, rolling resistance of additional 2 wheels and the phucked up aerodynamics at the back end. All this isn’t present in the i3.

Christopher Allessi II

The generator was not for recharging, I sold it so I had to deliver it. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

Tesla fans will rejoyce with Model X’s factory approved towing ability…

Since it can’t carry anything on the roof because of the falcon wings, being able to tow becomes a must have.

I don’t understand what the point of the video was. yes you can tow a light trailer but it looks to me like the generator was not turned on or even connected to the car-except for the trailers lights. I thought the idea behind the Tesla was that onboard/off board generators were not needed.

Christopher Allessi II

As mentioned in the video and in previous post here, the generator was not for charging the car. It was Cargo. I sold the generator, so I was delivering it.