Tesla Model S Retains Europe’s Top-Selling Large Luxury Car Title

SEP 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 81

Tesla Model S is second to none in terms of sales in its class in Europe.

Despite Tesla being overly busy with the Model 3 ramp-up, which certainly impacts the production volume of the Model S and Model X at times, but regardless the Model S remains the best-selling car in its class in Europe.

According to research by AID analyst Matthias Schmidt (SchmidtMatthias.de), during the first half of the year, Tesla sold nearly 8,000 Model S in Western Europe (which account for almost all of the Model S sold in all of Europe).

Tesla Model S sales results exceed other premium/luxury models like the Mercedes S-Class, Porsche Panamera, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8.

The second half of the year is expected to be similar, which should be kind of astonishing to have a full-year beat of the German manufacturers on home soil in Europe just some six years after the introduction of the Model S in 2012.

Just imagine the further potential when the Model S gets an upgrade at some point in the future and who knows what’ll happen when the Model 3 lands on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Woot 🙂

If by woot you mean “go Tesla”, I agree.

Yes, more proof that Tesla has done what no other American auto OEM has ever accomplished by beating the German luxury/sport OEMs.

More than half of them sold in Norway and Netherlands. Sales will go towards zero without taxpayer money

More BS from a (insert you know what here) in denial whose argument goes to zero!

Fanboys go mad, can’t handle the facts

The facts are reflected in the EV scorecard and the statistics shown on this article.

You are the one in denial and trying to lie/obfuscate here.

But these are facts according to James. We are in the age of making up your own.

Seems to be true, Tesla total sales in Europe YTD 15,992, Norway 4305 + NL 3646 = 7951

“Sales will go towards zero without taxpayer money” is your own projection, not a fact.

Nope James you are a Russian troll or shorter. Focus on the elections please.

Zero is an exaggeration. But I bet with you that for 2019 sales in Holland for model S and X will be a fraction of what they’ll be in 2018. Less than 1/4th I would say.
Do you want to bet? 🙂

It’s very simple to predict that. In one month Tesla sold almost half of the cars they sold during the entire 2017, that was already an abnormal growth year.

By the way tax incentives will still be present, but for just the first €50k (if I’m not mistaken)

So all those North American sales don’t matter, nor do the 50,000+ Model 3s produced so far.

You’re right. They should just give up and go bankrupt.


To zero, no. Much much lower, yes. That doesn’t mean incentives are a bad thing. (And calling it “taxpayer money” is obviously disingenuous propaganda.)

Yes James you are a genius, please everybody sale your shares……

You are again comparing the wrong cars. Those are luxury cars aimed at a certain public. Model S is just a big sedan and has nothing to do with them.
Better compare it with E-Class, also a big sedan. But they sold 127.000 of those and the fanboys can’t celebrate then, right? :))

Indeed and a dutch person told me the model s is cheaper than a vw passat after few years cause you don’t pay some taxes

That is for private use of a company car. Complicated thing.

Yes, a vehicle that starts at $53k and does 0-60 in 6,2 seconds is totally equivalent to a Model S (/snark)
Might as well throw Toyota Yaris into the comparison while you’re at it.

A vw passat is cheaper than that

Not really, especially if you count the cost of maintenance.

6 seconds is enough for most people over 25 yo. People buying Class S or 7 series or A8 don’t care about that. They want luxury and comfort. None of those are characteristics of model S.

Dream on as you go through the stage we call denial.

Actually more and more buyers are seeing the simplified and elegant Tesla interiors as better representative of luxury.

Cause those former corrolla and accord drivers don’t know anything better

So do you drive a Corrolla or the Accord?

Whatever mom let’s him borrow…

This is a pretty old argument and still inaccurate. Tesla has been put in the same category as those cars by most government statistics agencies when reporting sales. Also it is in line with them in price, size and performance (some local tax laws notwithstanding).

No you pay much less for a tesla cause of tax subsidies

You pay less in operational costs for a Tesla, but your tax money still goes to the huge oil industry subsidies that make the Mercedes affordable to operate in the US, but even at that it’s expensive to operate. I’d love to see the subsidies go away so they could compete head to head. Then Mercedes wouldn’t stand a chance.

It’s about time for the US government to stop letting oil companies drill on public land without paying for it. It’s time for us to stop using our military to secure Mideast oil shipments. The list of oil industry subsidies is so huge that the tax credits for EVs doesn’t even register.

I have the same issue with these comparisons… I think compare cars of the same size but somehow it’s always about price… but then they should compare in terms of TCO not just price. I think this is wrong. I love my Model S but it’s the same class as the A7 not A8.

Yes, your Model S is much higher performance then an A8.

Lol, what performance? The 2 second performance which no Tesla owner makes use of cause they scared to make it home?

Funny how you decide to downplay the 0-60 time when that is a prominent statistic for all of these luxury vehicles that claim to be “the ultimate driving machines”, etc. You’re making a fool out of yourself.

It’s actually the tires and speeding tickets that I worry about and lead to me not flooring it at every green light.

I’d worry about those same things in an ICE.

Doesn’t touch range anymore than it would in an ICE – you do realize your MPG falls through the floor in a gas powered car when you floor it, right?

It’s always about the price because if you could have gotten an A8 for the price of the Model S, which you could have, you would have gotten it if you liked it better, but you didn’t.

E300 base price is $52.000. I think that answers you question.

E Class is a midsize sedan closer in size to Model 3 than Model S.

Isn’t Model 3 more like C Class?…

That depends on the options. Somebody who buys a fully equipped Model 3 could get a Mercedes E class for less money but obviously chooses not to.

Uh, look at the price comparisons and don’t be a fool.

The same was true in US last year. Oh, the S sells better than the 7 series, but wait, you should also compare to 5 series.

Jump ahead a year. Model 3 outsells all BMW cars in the US (cars, not SUVs). Although it won’t be as extreme in Europe, the same will happen there. Give the Model 3 a year or two and it will be outselling the 3 series world wide. BMW sells 2 million vehicles a year or more, so it will take Tesla a while to catch that, but they should be up to 1 million in 5 years, and still growing quickly.

Without taxpayer help they won’t sell anything

They sell Teslas even in Germany despite being hindered in so many ways.
In Russia, Tesla has not even a store or presence, and yet Tesla vehicles get sold.
People in Iceland import them themselves.

But it is nice to see that the shorts suddenly care so much about the taxpayers money in countries that are competing with the US for world domination (like China) or economic domination (like Europe). True patriots indeed….
BTW: you should mention that Tesla paid back the loan from the taxpayers money in full, early and with interest. How about the ICE manufacturers.
And the US 7.5k rebate is not hurting the taxpayer. In fact, it gives back taxes to an individual, and isn’t that what we all want? Make enough money to actually have to pay takes and then get those back. Whoever thought differently used to be a commie…

Agree completely, but it might be time to stop feeding the trolls… let him grumble under the bridge where he belongs.

“” they sell Teslas even in Germany despite being hindered in so many ways.”” they are not hindered at all: Every EV get 4,000 Euro cash back as long it cost less than 60,000 Euro. First comes first served for all EV sales – independent of brand and country of origin.

If Tesla would finally introduce the below 60k Euro Model-3 in Germany, they could scoop most of the EV subsidy budget and all local German players as latecomers go empty.
A massive advantage for early birds like Tesla who have a product to sell and not some sales-brochures 2020 and can mass produce and deliver the Mod-3 without 12 month waiting time (Leaf and Ioniq/Kona).

So the situation for Tesla as first mover is much better in Germany when they finally come over with < 60k Euro priced cars – better than for Tesla in the USA, where the federal tax rebate of $7,500 is per brand and will be scaled down for Tesla first.

They will sell just fine without the credits.

There is such a thing as carpet bombing a thread with the same comment over and over again, which is what you are doing. So be warned. Usually they give you lots of rope around hear, until you reach the end of it, and then it’s a drum head.

Do you mean Mercedes? If you are talking about in the US, then I agree. I’d love to see oil industry subsidies go away.

Notice how the serial anti-Tesla fools keep moving the goalposts and when more favorable information comes out they move them again!

you can’t handle the truth

Do let us know if you ever find some.

By 2020, the fools will have to contract SpaceX to move the goal posts for them, because by then Tesla will be so advanced already, that the posts have to leave the planet and go to space. But then again, it has to be very far in space as well, because there is a cherry red Tesla roadster already up there, cruising around the sun for eternity (currently beyond Mars orbit).

How delightfully cute. You make up your own comparisons and ignore the industry standards.

Maybe we should compare it to a 1967 VW?

Gee. This is fun making up my own comparisons:)

Common sense tells you that if a person is spending enough money to be able to buy a Mercedes S class car or a Tesla Model S, that person will compare the Tesla to the S class. Nobody is going to say “I’m going to get the Model S instead of the E class without even looking at the S class, because all I care is that the Model S is better than the E class even if I’m spending enough to buy the S class.”

Let me put it another way. Everybody who bought a Model S could have gotten a Mercedes S class car for the same money, but decided not to do it. That means, plain and simple, that people like the Tesla better. Once they buy the cars, customer satisfaction surveys show that people like the Model S better. Reliability surveys show that the Model S is more reliable.

If you insist on arguing against facts, you will lose every time.

Don’t worry! Teslas prices will come down when batteries get cheaper. Then Teslas will no longer be counted as ‘Premium Vehicles’!

Audi A6/A7, BMW 5 Series, MB E Class don’t count? They’re the same size as the S…

No they are not. Not only shorter but much narrower.

Some people are obviously math challenged.

VW Passat is also about the same size. And they sold over 180.000 in 2017.

And how many did they have to recall because of Dieselgate?

Ford makes pickup trucks that are even larger, cost less, and sell far more. If people want to use irrelevant numbers, they can show anything they want. If they want to look at what consumers could have bought for the same price, but chose not to buy, then they are looking at the real competition.

It’s not a matter of size. Any model that a person can get for the same money is potential competition. Comparing it to cheaper cars is cheating. Anybody who buys a Model S will compare it to what the competition sells for the same price, If they like the Model S better, they will buy the Model S. It’s that simple. Stop trying to play games.

You’re cheating cause the model s is way cheaper thanks to taxpayer

The ob_session in the USA about the 0-60 acceleration is not shared in Europe, so the most American cherished performance is not important in Europe, more a continued high speed performance is demanded especially in Germany. An expensive car is much of a status symbol of a big brand (MB, BMW, Jaguar) what counts, also the interior quality and in Germany the ob_session with gap free body parts fitting called “Spaltmass”. So all comparison is somehow apple vs. pears for example : (1) the exterior size ( > 2×5 meter) … Ford Taurus ($28k) or Chevy Impala ($29k) are also large size sedans (2) the performance (acceleration, horse-power) … then compare a Dodge charger hellcat (707hp) for $68k with a Ferrari or Lambo just because of hp … (3) the price of an EV … well electric always cost more like Ford Focus ICE starting from $18k versus Electric $29k for example practical valid for all models (Spark, Ioniq, Kona …) , so when price is the basis then what ? compare a Focus electric with a Taurus or Mustang just because the price tag is $29k …. When adjusting that EV’s have a 50% higher list-price (my point 3)… Read more »

Yes Tesla´s success this is the single reason why Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, BMW is starting to make electric car worth buying,
Thanks Tesla!

The technology is available now. That’s the reason. Tesla will be gone, everybody knows that.

To be fair, a lot of these sales are in markets where a Model S gets *huge* incentives over expensive combustion cars… Still a very nice achievement, though 🙂

(Will be interesting to see how things develop now that some European brands are also starting to offer premium EVs eligible for these huge incentives…)

Tesla sales could drop for that reason, given the provincialism over there. Here in the US, despite being shockingly provincial for being the world’s melting pot, people here go for cheap and reliable when they have to, so Japanese and Korean brands sell extremely well here, even in places where you would assume that they would not (rural poverty takes its toll).

Japanese etc. cars aren’t exactly uncommon here — it’s mostly just American (and some European) brands that have a bad standing.

Seems unfair to say the Model S was introduced in 2012. The P100D introduced in 2016 and still available today has more in common with the Performance Model 3 from 2017 than the Model S P85 from 2012.

Not really. Different technology, different interior, different about everything… Compared to older Model S, it’s mostly just slightly tweaked motors and battery, while using the same technology.

Tesla model S is not like a Mercedes S or BMW 7, it’s just priced like those cars, but in part the extra buying price is compensated with less energy costs.
It’s not true that Tesla is stealing sales in huge numbers from luxury German cars – it’s not, just look at the sales for those cars along the years. In 2015 series 7 sold 6000 cars in Europe, in 2017 they doubled it – just an example.
Tesla opened a new market – electric vehicles priced around $100k. Without competition Tesla has 100% of that market… for now – well done, they saw the opportunity and they took it.

Tesla will have trouble to sustain those sales:
Competition is coming.
Holland sales will go to a very low value.
Norway Tesla clients are becoming less happy.
Germany is the (2nd) 3rd country for Tesla in Europe and soon they’ll be able to buy national electric luxury EVs.

Many (all?) luxury brands are creating luxury SUVs that split sales. Just imagine if Tesla made a car like Porsche Cayenne along the model S.

Nope – it’s all about price. For the price of a P100D, they could have bought a top model S Class, but they did not. There are only so many households that can afford those sorts of vehicles, so sales to Tesla are not sales for an ICE in that price range.

In Norway, you can get two Tesla model S (75D) for the price of the *cheapest* Mercedes S-class. Add to that electricity is > 3x cheaper than gas and other EV incentives.

In the foreseeable future, competition for the Model S will mostly be coming from the Model 3…

About 70,000 units of the S-Class Saloon were sold in the year 2017.

Why people keep referring Tesla as a luxury car is beyond me…

$70-$120k vehicles are usually considered luxury items.

At least in the US, the S has a lower MSRP than these cars. I would argue the S is not in the same class as most. Are you sure this is apples to apples?

Hey look, its 7 pretend electrics here to move the goal posts again!