Tesla Model S to Launch in Australia by Early Summer 2014


Check your pockets, I'm sure there is AU $40k in there.

Check your pockets, I’m sure there is AU $40k in there.

Good ol’ Tesla continues on its journey to take over the world!

Behold the Right Hand Drive Model S!

Behold the Right Hand Drive Model S!*

This time, Tesla is attacking markets that require the right-hand-drive cars we reported on in the past.

Australia is on that list and should be receiving the all electric sedan by early summer 2014, according to a CNET report (A quick check of the Tesla website still shows deliveries in “Autumn 2014,” though Tesla isn’t known for being quick to update it various sites).

If your Australian atomic structure is excited about this prospect, you can thusly put down the required AU$6000 deposit to reserve a “regular production model S”¬†or AU$40,000 for a special order Signature S. Wowzers!

Pricing for this electric beauty has yet to be revealed, but should be shortly.

Source: CNET

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Will a Tesla supercharge in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere?


That’s a big negative.


No way will the Tesla Model S be priced the same as in the USA.

Easily >$80,000 but considering every company loves price gouging Australians, I think it will be more like $95,000.


Has to be at least $125,000 down here. I did see a roadster in the eastern suburbs of Sydney a couple of months ago.