Tesla Model S Test Driven By Bloomberg In Hong Kong – Video


Time For A Tesla Test Drive In Hong Kong

Time For A Tesla Test Drive In Hong Kong

“China says it’s extending subsidies for electric cars until the end of the decade, to encourage drivers to go green and help ease pollution. That could be good news for Tesla, as it tries to gain a foothold in China. Bloomberg’s Angie Lau has been for a test drive in the Model S with Bloomberg Intelligence Auto Analyst Steve Man, and asked him what the road ahead holds in 2015.”

As Tesla pushes into region in Asia, the challenges the automaker faces have become apparent.

In particular, weak sales in China have stumped the automaker and several top-level execs in the Asia region have parted ways with the electric automaker.

Then there was the recent statement on weak sales by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  We covered that statement like this:

Musk admitted that “China was unexpectedly weak in the fourth quarter,” but noted that they understand the problems and that they will fix “China issues.”  The problem?  Tesla’s communication with the Chinese population over the charging of the Model S – specifically that it was thought to be difficult to do and to travel long distances.

Asia may hold the key for Tesla Motors, so it’s an area of intense interest for the automaker right now.  What’s in store for 2015 for Tesla in Asia?  We’ll find out over the next 10 months.

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Thought a fairly modest piece of the problem was rear seating.


Looks like that issue was resolved, and quickly.

Thanks Eric for finding this report from Bloomberg-China. So much is reported on the charging/refueling infrastructure. Frankly, with north of 1.5 Billion 110V AC outlets in North America we have been refueling/charging ready for a century! The Feds tell us that 75% of commuters drive less the 35 miles a day, average. 110V AC home refueling/charging nails 100% of range needs for most. Not sure the availability of home charging in china but with 64% home ownership in the USA this is not an issue, most days. Now add the tens of thousands of L2 EV Filling Stations in the USA, multiplying like rabbits with many offered as merchant, municipal Customer retention/loyalty perks and as tourist draws. Put in a address or simply Zoom-In to your area using this number 1 global crowd sourced EV Filling Station Locator by Recargo- Link Goes To Plug Share Dot Com- http://www.plugshare.com/ Elon Musk, for 110V AC, L1 Refueling (All EVs Charge This Way) often makers it a point during speeches, to locate the Coke Machine so he can use it as a prop, telling his audience, “See where that Coke Machine is plugged in?” Finally, here is a story of two guys that… Read more »

Preaching to the Choir. But O.K. Hope you have a great 2015.


Pitching and Promoting the surging Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry in general to the unwashed masses that hopefully read Eric’s blog or find it linked on Twitter.

99 of 100 I ask do NOT KNOW that ALL EVs Refuel/Charge simply on the 110V AC like a power drill!

Passing it on!

Best To You ffbj-

Thomas J. Thias

The Amazing Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle – Facts Guy



Well . . . you CAN charge with a 110V outlet. But it is damn slow to do. And if you have a long commute, you really don’t want to depend on 110V charging

Slow is irrelevant when you’re not using the car (e.g., are asleep or working).

Charging at 110V for 10 hours a night is about 30-50 miles of range, depending on the EV. If you can also charge for 10 hours at work at 110, there’s another 30-50 miles of range… your total commute could be 60-100 miles.

But, most people’s total commutes are much shorter than this.