Tesla Model S Taxi Driver Chooses To Take The Stairs (Update)


Blame it on Autopilot, right?

Actually, it seems nobody is willing to discuss how this Tesla Model S got to where it is seen in the image at the base of the stairs, but we imagine that it wasn’t easy to remove the car without futher damaging it.

The Telegraaf writes (via Google Translate):

“How he managed it is still a mystery , the fact is that this taxi driver this morning was lost right away in The Hague . The man got stuck with his expensive Tesla on a staircase.”

“The driver accidentally drove the stairs Regulusweg off and then could not move anymore . The only thing there was , was a tow truck to call for a ride. It is still unclear whether the taxi has been damaged.”

Moral of the story – stairways aren’t meant for cars. Keep to the roadways.

Update:  Some live video of the car on the stairs and its removal lets us know how it got back to its owner from this precarious position

Hat tip to Chris Neff!

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Whelp, obviously that guy was doing it all wrong. Needed to be in Ludicrous mode, as he would have cleared the stairs easily.

I was looking for somethin funny to say, you beat me to it and cracked me up! lol

If only they had a AWD PxxD with air suspension then they could have raised it to high and drove away 🙂 … or they needed the Model X off road edition.

What he needed was an Outlander PHEV.

What He did was beyond ludicrous…

He went plaid.

I would not count out “Stairs Mode” in the next Teala update.

With the crazy world we live in, I see Tesla being sued at some point for Ludicrous mode. “I was doing something Ludicrous, and it was in the right mode, the car should have worked! I don’t know why it sank to the bottom of the river!”

“Taxi for Taxi Driver !”

I like the guy heading down the steps in the background…not even bothering to look at the car precariously positioned on the steps…because this happens every day in The Hague. 🙂

Try taking the elevator next time ! ……. l o l

Reverse was not an option?

Stair mode Elon ?

“But it worked in Grand Theft Auto IX: Hell Hague!”

it is actually possible once your that far on the stairs to get out. you just have to exit the stairs as parallel as possible to the road way. seeing that pic makes me want to try it, with someone else’s tesla thou.

Don’t know what the park is like on this but I have twice put my Leaf in park without checking only to have it drive off and leave me. What a panic!!!

Too Fast Too Furious

Change google settings back to ‘by car’. Fixed.

war crime

Finding all the chargers in the parking lot were ICED, the Tesla owner had no choice but to charge at the outlet next to the stairs.

And I thought the Tesla driver in the video below was bad at parking.


Obviously having money to spend doesn’t give you all the skill.

Did not think a Tesla qualified as an Electronic Personal Assistive Motorized Device… 😉

He went down the up staircase.

“The customer insisted on going this short-cut!”

Tesla drivers seem to be some of the stupidest twits around, at times.

It might have to do with a slightly unrealistic sense of invincibility behind the wheel…

Is that an Uber car?

No, not Uber.
Official taxis have blue license plates in The Netherlands.
There’s like 100+ Tesla’s in use around Schiphol Airport.

Dammit I was in one of those taxis last night. Wish I’d spotted this story earlier, I would have inquired further.