Tesla Model S Takes Center Stage in Gran Turismo 6 (w/video)


Model S Is In Your Face

Model S Is In Your Face

Gran Turismo 6 is now available to pre-order and again it’s the Tesla Model S featured in the video game trailer.

Dubbed the 15th Anniversary Edition, you’ll see the Model S appear a couple of times in this minute-long clip highlighting what’s bound to be one of the best racing games out there.

The Model S first appeared in the Gran Turismo 6 playable demo released earlier this summer ahead of this full-blown version.

The actual launch of the full GT6 is still set for sometime this “holiday season,” but you can pre-order your copy today.

GT6 marks the first time the Model S appears in the epic gaming series that is Gran Turismo.

We can only hope that Sony stayed true to form and portrayed the Model S accurately, as it certainly didn’t do with the Tesla Roadster in prior Gran Turismo releases.

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unfortunately, according to the track day reviews I’ve read on some of the Tesla forums, “accurate” in this context would be a couple of hot laps before the software starts limiting performance due to overheating in the battery, drive inverter, motor or all three… but those 2-3 laps are a blast!

BTW, this is not a knock on Tesla, the track is simply not it’s core use scenario.

Must have been a defective one. Take a look at this video of Model S running laps at “Willow Springs”:


see here for more details about what I’m talking about.