Tesla Model S: From Sydney To Melbourne On Superchargers – Video

2 years ago by Jay Cole 7

...and go!

…and go!

Long distance Model S travel reports using Tesla’s Supercharging network have become quite common in the United States and Europe.

Heck, it seems like someone is always trying to break the cross country “LA to NY” time record, or even accomplish a cross-country trek using just Autopilot.

Now CarAdvice, (the fellows who also brought us a decent review of the Autopilot system from down under), are giving Tesla’s recently expanded Australian Supercharger infrastructure a tryout between Sydney and Melbourne.

The route doesn’t have the distance of a cross-US or cross-Europe trip, but at ~900 km/560 miles it still represents a significant distance between two very important cities.

Check out CarAdvice’s written report (with lots of photos) hereHat tip to Miggy!


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7 responses to "Tesla Model S: From Sydney To Melbourne On Superchargers – Video"

  1. Without watching the video, but having followed the Electric Car movement in Australia since late 2006, I would say this is a big step up.

    Of course, in the Western Coast, they have developed a CHAdeMO route similarly. So any Tesla owner there with the adapter, can use those points for a leg up over using level 2 stations.

    1. The Story about the West Coast CHAdeMO Route – http://cleantechnica.com/2015/09/14/west-coast-australia-gets-electric-highway/

      and – from the source – http://electrichighway.rac.com.au/ At Least 9 CHAdeMO sites From Perth to Augusta!

  2. Brandon says:

    Also for those who may not have heard, this bus set a record from Melbourne to Sidney last month. 600 miles on one charge!!


  3. Alaa says:

    No Autopilot?

  4. ffbj says:

    Nice Video. Down-under, should be a good candidate for solar powered sc too.
    Rock on Australia.

    Tesla brought to life by electricity…hmm..
    It’s Alive like:

  5. Just_Chris says:

    “We made it just… with only 45 km left”

    45 km is not just, 4 or 5 is just, sssssh model S drivers are a bit nervey. Man up boy this is frontier country.

    1. Speculawyer says:

      Seriously. i-MiEV drivers may be lucky to have 45km when they leave fully charged on a cold morning.