Tesla Model S Stirs Up Dirt – Video


Tesla Model S Kicks Up Dirt

Tesla Model S Kicks Up Dirt

Doing a burnout isn’t advisable on public roads.

For starters, it’s illegal.  But aside from that, burning rubber burns through cash, in so much as if you burn enough rubber, your tires will no doubt require replacement.

However, doing a burnout on a remote dirt road doesn’t present the same problems.  Though it may still be illegal, chances are you won’t endanger the lives of anyone but perhaps yourself and the damage done to the road is easily repaired with a shovel or even your shoe.

Per the video description:

“A Tesla Model S 85kWh doing a burnout on a dirt road.”

“Standard 85kWh with traction control disabled.”

Time to now clean that Model S.

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How to “roll coal(pissoff people behind you)” in a tesla
Step 1: find a dirt road
Step 2: disable traction control
Step 3: Floor it!!!