Tesla Model S Station Wagon Now Complete

Tesla Model S


Qwest has released official videos and pictures on Twitter to prove that its Tesla Model S station wagon is complete and capable.

Not long ago we reported that RemetzCar is in the process of developing a Model S shooting-brake. Dutch-based RemetzCar is the specialty car modification company that brought us the Model S hearse, which is sort of like a station wagon.

Station wagons (shooting-brakes) are very popular in European countries and there has been a considerable amount of talk about a Tesla variant. There’s currently no fully electric station wagon available globally. Well … now there is, compliments of Qwest, and RemetzCar is taking orders.

Qwest is based out of the UK. They’ve been keeping us posted on the progress of a Tesla Model S P90D station wagon. Fully Charged even ran an exclusive video of the modification process.

Sadly, for those truly enamored with the prospect, Qwest has only made one for now. However, the complex molding process, retrofitting of carbon fiber parts, and aftermarket modifications. Qwest made sure to consult with Tesla on the process to assure that everything would remain intact. There’s no reason that the company can’t make more, or even forward the plans to another company to do the work. RemetzCar is making 20 copies of its Model S shooting-brake. So, if you want one, get your order in right away (although we’re pretty confident 20 have probably been reserved).

Another look at the Tesla Model S station wagon:

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Source: Electrek, L’UsineTesla (French)

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Because it’s vastly superior to the model x.

Wagons or estate cars are popular in the UK because of their easy of access and are secure ways to haul things from ikea and elsewhere.

Because Ted, and the other two K9s in his pack, are not keen on tailpipes and the Land Rover Discovery tailgate with gaffers tape.

Because many of us prefer a wagon to a sedan, CUV, or SUV. To me this is superior to the standard Model S and vastly superior to the Model X. If you don’t see it that way, then Tesla and nearly every other manufacturer has already made a car for you, but some of us would like to haul things AND have nice handling and sports car like driving dynamics.


But if it fits a casket in the back…

Station wagons are for parents who have given up all their own hopes and dreams and live through their children.

A “shooting-brake” is for cool guys with dogs. This is a Model S Shooting-brake 🙂


Is the VW eGolf not available globally?

My understanding is the e-Golf is selling well in EU. However, it’s only available in CARB States here in the USA. That’s why you know VW isn’t serious about EVs as they refuse to sell nation wide in the US.

Ah, I didn’t realize it was a CARB state offering in the US. I know they’re here in NY, but well, I’m in a CARB state. 😉

The VW Passage GTE estate is available for less then £40k.


In the US, automotive marketers have convinced the buying public that bloated station wagons on pickup truck chassis are far superior {for their profit margins} than the lowly station wagon.

I don’t think very many bloated station wagons on pickup truck chassis are sold anymore. The only ones I can think of are the Tahoe/Suburban/Escalade and the Expedition/Navigator and those don’t sell in huge numbers.

FJ Cruiser.
Land Cruiser.

Pretty much any manufacturer with a real truck or 4×4 model makes an SUV based on it. Honda calls their truck an SUT so I guess they’re trying to market it both ways.

Because you assume this will cost tens of thousands if not $50K+ over the cost of the Model S, why not just buy a Model X?

Because this is better than a Model X, however that’s what most will do because that is the only real choice. This project is cool, but only a custom, very limited production type thing at best. At worst, this is the only one.

Because they don’t want a big, fat SUV.

And, more importantly, because this is the kind of thing that these guys do for fun.

How much increase in trunk space do we get by converting Model S into a wagon.

I believe we can
* Keep more cargo even with 2 kids or pets sitting in the rear 2 seats.
* Carry bigger stuff like bikes, kayaks, other boxy stuff.

If that converter advertises all these facts, they will get a good business.

All this shows that wagons are still good, and all that the automaker has to do is offer AWD trim and re-badge it as a Crossover and give it a distinct name instead of clubbing it along with sedan.

Subaru Outback is one of the best examples and it sells very well. Porsche Panamera is another example.

Taking down the same route, Buick Regal sedan is discontinued and is now sold as Sportback and TourX both of them being 5 door vehicles.

looks like a ford flex from behind. not necessarily a bad thing just an observation.

would personally prefer an electrified nomad.

It’s hideous.

…and that’s putting it mildly.

I just wish they would show some good pics of the inside and outside

I wished for a spoon with which to gouge out my eyes.

What a horrible thing to do to a beautiful car! It’s a good thing for these customizers that there are no laws against uglifying cars. If there were, this would deserve the maximum penalty under law!

Now I’m going to go soothe my eyes with another look at the gorgeous Saleen mod of the Model S! Ahhhhh…

The ugly love child of a Model S and a Volvo