Tesla Model S Spoof: How Electric Car Changed Our Lives (Video)


Perfect way to park! Away from everyone!

Perfect way to park! Away from everyone!

In the video above, you will see how the Tesla Model S has changed this particular family’s lives for the better.

As you are about to see, the father in the video is very protective of his baby (The “Tesla”).

Keep in mind, this video is on the comical side.It’s obviously mostly a joke.

Not everything was a joke in this video. The roller coaster part is very true, along with how the Model S has actually changed the lives of many individual.

Must be super clean always!.. Maybe next time use a microfiber rag.

Must be super clean always!.. But maybe next time use a microfiber rag.

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Can’t believe this guy actually drives his Tesla on public roads! Does he have any idea just how high the accident rate is? This guy should be turned in to Child Protection Services for endangering his Tesla. It should be removed from his custody, and given to a nice couple who will drive it only in a gated community. 😉

+1. Stop Tesla Abuse Today. Join STAT!

All kidding aside that parking lot scenario does happen. I’ve parked my Volt in empty lots far from the store entrance and 3 out of 5 times someone will park their car next to me. One time while I was waiting in the car, in a mostly empty parking lot, a large sedan full of kids in the back seat parked next to me. I quickly moved the car before they opened their doors.


Parking at the far end of the lot is not always a good thing. I’ve seem more than one runaway shopping cart accelerate up to a pretty good clip before slamming into the side of a car parking way out in the lot. Best to park on the far side of an island or other obstacle or at least check the slope of the lot.

Oh yes – so true, at peak time I take my old ICE car and nothing happens.
But yes the Volt I watch the space – rather scrub slightly the tyres just to provide more space.
But yes it has happened I have happened to park at a far away safe spot in an Empty car park – only to have the biggest banged up $hit heap parked next to me (thankfully no damage) but some people just don’t give a crap about their own car let alone anyone else.

Oh yes mummy with baby seat – door winging specials I call them. Just wish some parents would take a tad more care…

Looks like I’m not the only one paranoid about door dings. LOL! 🙂

OMG this would be so me and I don’t even own a Tesla yet.

I’m so this guy. I can tell you when, where how and who was responsible ever scratch on my Tesla.

One day I came home from the store with my head hanging low. My wife asked “What’s wrong?” I replied, “I curb checked the the rear wheel parallel parking.” To which she responded with a sigh of relief “Oh thank god! I wasn’t the first.”

Recently I called my mother with bad news. “I said everyone is safe and unhurt but I have bad news.” My mother interrupted “Oh no! Someone hit the Tesla!” I said “no, we had a house fire.” She replied ‘Oh no, that tremble but the car is OK?.”

It’s clear. Those that love me know I love my Tesla.

Reason people park next to you when you go out of your way to park away from them….herd instinct, (mentality)