Tesla Model S Ultra High Fidelity Sound System Gets “Extraordinary” Rating


Recently, Auto Motor und Sport posed a question to its readers:

“How satisfied are you with your radio reception in your car?”

That question led to a slew of responses, most of which stated something along the lines of reception is awful and today’s car stereos are mostly junk.

That was all it took to convince Auto Motor und Sport to conduct full audio tests of several cars.

These tests were conducted on the optional sound systems available for an additional thousands of dollars on most cars.

After concluding its tests, Auto Motor und Sport discovered a few stand outs.  Most notably for us, the Tesla Model S’ optional sound system was deemed “extraordinary.”

That sound system, a $2,500 option, beat out the Audi A7’s Bang & Olufsen setup, a $5,900 option.

We aren’t sound experts at InsideEVs (says the guy who hasn’t powered on his car radio in years), so we’re not going to critique the Auto Motor und Sport reviews, but for potential Model S buyers who wonder if the “Ultra High Fidelity Sound” on the electric Tesla is worth the extra cash, we’d say that if listening to some tunes is what you enjoy, then the “extraordinary” system is a bargain compared to most of the competition.

What Tesla Says Of The Optional Model S Sound System

What Tesla Says Of The Optional $2,500 Model S Sound System

Full Auto Motor und Sport article downloadable (for a fee) here in PDF form

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Same points for sound, wins for lower price.

It’s nice to know that once you’ve spent all that money on a good Tesla sound system, the electric drivetrain wont ruin your listening experience. 🙂


Engine noises are so annoying.

they are that! Most transmissions make it seem like you are driving a horse and buggy too.

I like engine sounds, when it’s the right engine.

B&O sucks, compare it to McIntosh car audio or even Alpine…


+1 B&O get points for looking good, not sounding good.

McIntosh? Try Bose.

no Bose fan, me.. been there, etc through 3 generations (or is it six?) of “oh, that’s the Old Bose, you need to hear the new one”
Paper cones that degrade in months? pass.
NO amount of R&D can overcome spectacularly substandard componentry.

No highs, no lows. Gotta be Bose!

Old quote from Soundtrack. An upper range hi fi shop in Colorado. sadly gone now.

The sound system is actually developped by S1nn. It seems one reason for the high quality is the good cooperation between them and Tesla – e.g. they let them change the structure of the doors to have a better sound.

More details here:
(Scroll down for English)

Wow! Excellent find… How unusual for a automotive company to do more than just stick speakers into a cabin, long after it’s already been designed.

The more I learn about the Model S’s design, the more I’m impressed with it.

The speakers are 6″, in the doors. They are baffled, but only a tiny (plastic) enclosure the size of a 6″ cylinder, ~4″ deep. Even then, an actual enclosure is more than most other systems that simply let the door cavity boom like mud. Still, I don’t find Tesla’s system extraordinary, honestly.

Car stereos got a lot better from manufacturers. Good enough to make folks stop going aftermarket. It challenged, but didn’t beat, that industry. I wish I could snap my finger and have a system back, that I did years ago: Sealed 8’s, ADS 320s, custom active cross-overs.

You don’t know how anemic your sound is, until you start with your sound system, instead of where a manufacturer went with your car. Tesla fans, at TMC, get all excited about Rues. He may be great, but some like ported, some like sealed, some like inverted tweeters. The language isn’t spoken much, anymore.

Guessing extraordinary is relative to other manufacturers. Whoever their sound system engineer is, just Having one is a modern miracle.

RE plastic, properly hardened, it -could- match proper MDF for enclosure (and Much lighter), and not as important if the speaker’s job is mid-bass – MHO.

Given the quieter ride, I would be ecstatic if their engineer embraced ‘air’ in the high end.. not very possible in any but a can’t-hear-the-siren luxobarge ICE, but conceivably valuable in the Tesla.

I’ve not heard the “Ultra Fidelity”, but now would at least consider it (woulda’ added it to my P60D, hint hint if it’s that good).

8″ sub seems a little anemic, but weight is Always a prime factor.

Actually, the secret sauce is that it goes…TO 11 !

Like warp drive!

Tesla and Audi have different objectives. Tesla needs to establish a brand and survive as a company. Audi has done that, and so profits are a focus. Price discrimination is a part of that.