Tesla Model S Software Update Lowers 0-60 mph Time To 2.4 Seconds, 10.6s 1/4 Mile

NOV 16 2016 BY JAY COLE 61

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk foreshadowed an upcoming "Easter Egg" which would unlock the full potential of the Model S and Model X

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk foreshadowed an upcoming “Easter Egg” which would unlock the full potential of the Model S and Model X

A couple of weeks ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised that a new P100D Ludicrous “Easter Egg” would unlock the full performance of the Model S and Model X.

And today (via Twitter of course), Musk put a number on what “full performance” means via a software update for the company’s top of the line performance EVs:

“Looks like the Model S P100D Easter egg will allow it to do 0 to 60 mph in 2.4 sec and a 10.6 sec 1/4 mile via software update next month”

The benchmark for fastest production sedan and SUV just got lowered ... by about .1 seconds (0-60mph)

The benchmark for fastest production sedan and SUV just got lowered … by about .1 seconds (0-60mph)

Not to let the company’s latest offering go, unnoticed, Musk added details on what to expect from the P100D Model X after the software update as well.

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Next up: compression suits for the drivers…

With a giant ‘T’ logo on the sleeves, back and front!

A Rocket Ship !

The “Rocket Mode” Never mind Ludicrous..

I’d call it ‘human cannonball mode’!


Stop it, Tesla!
The continuous space-time is going to shatter!

How to travel to the future according to Einstein.

1) Move close to speed of light. But cops will prevent you from moving so fast.

2) Accelerate. There’s no law against it, so Tesla is good for everyday time travel.

As for the laws for acceleration, you may check with your local criminal defense lawyer first:

California Vehicle Code Section 23109:
“(c) A person shall not engage in a motor vehicle exhibition of speed on a highway, and a person shall not aid or abet in a motor vehicle exhibition of speed on any highway.”

“Exhibition of speed” here applies to show of acceleration as well. Similar laws are in most US states.

Acceleration up to the authorized speed limit is not an exhibition of speed. It is what it is, accelerating faster, nothing else. If you pass the speed limit afterwards it is something else but the one does not imply the other.

No. Exhibition of speed covers acceleration. BTDT. You can be ticketed for doing the speed limit too if conditions warrant a lower speed (fog, heavy rain, ice, etc).

Im gonna have to argue with you on that one. I was pulled over and ticketed for “improper display of acceleration” when i was 18. My car was a 66 Olds with a 425 Super Rocket. And i never exceeded the speed limit. This was in 1995 by the way.

Imagine if that car were 1000lbs Lighter..It would be a Bullitt !

Upcoming Roadster (or Model R?). But it’s hard to top 2.4 seconds, just because of friction. Lower than 2.1 might not even be possible without real racing tires.

If they continue like this, they might want to start giving out 0-100mph numbers to show improvement.

they can easily get better marks with Tesla R just making it 500kg lighter and with wider tires. This is not the real challenge they face for the electric hyper-car, the challenge is to keep all the system from overheating after pushing it to the limit in a racetrack for 20 to 30 min.

They said that batteries on Model 3 would be 30% denser than before. If this corresponds to a decrease in weight as well, there’s no reason that a next gen 100D wouldn’t be 500lbs lighter. I think that they really could get this down to 2 seconds or so because unlike a gas engine, they can much better modulate the power that goes to the wheels.

All this speed tripping is fine & dandy for s***s & giggles..I truly believe that Tesla should offer cars with “reasonable” acceleration and more efficient Motors that deliver longer range ie: the Bolt ,it has plenty of power but “NOT excessive power” I believe that is the reason they get so much range from a small battery..TESLA IS MISSING THE BOAT IN THAT DEPARTMENT…Not everyone is a speed Crazy . More Range in lieu of Crazy power is better for some of us. Why not offer “BOTH” Options….

Nice suggestion.

Imagine that R100D where R stands for Range… Optimzed in every way for maximum eta. What would be the maximum range?

With an additional R series Tesla would broaden their product portfolio and attract another type of customer.

I hope that this addition comes before next gen roadster…

Might be really interesting to know to which degree the R version would be different from the P version in terms of hardware and software. Time to fork?


I can see that Model S SLR100Q !

SolarLeightweightRange100kWhQuadMotor thing… Harrgh!

Hypermillers will even break the 1000mile mark with that naughty Tesla efficiency beast on a sunny and windy(from behind) day downhill of course… Maybe they even get coast to coat (ok i’m exaggerating once again…)

You are not exaggerating. What the mind can Conceive Can eventually become “A Reality”

Imagine a ‘W 100 D’ where W stands for ‘warp’ and D stands for ‘drive’.

Elon seems intent to “win the hearts and minds” of auto enthusiasts the world over to the Tesla brand.

Let no millionaire waste his money on anything less than a Tesla Luxury performance car!

…and while all the world attention is firmly fixed on Tesla the Electric Vehicle will take over from ICE vehicles.

Yes, this is extremely wise and won’t stop here.

Yes but it is important that the focus remain on ev transition as fast as possible for the mass of people not only for the happy few, or worse, for the fulfillment of a “would be” hidden agenda, like forcing every driver to become a taxi passenger, or keeping the road for the rich and letting the poor take the electric bus or making them only able to afford a short self driving car lift.

I wish NASCAR or Tesla would host a Model S P100DL EV race, say on a Florida track. It would be awesome. A driver could have two identical cars, one charging in the pit while the other races. A pit stop would be used to swap cars.

It would be cool to see what top race engineers do to soup up the Tesla, such as with bigger motors or batteries and engines to allow faster speeds, and by unlocking software limits that Tesla uses.

Support Formula E…

Nascar fans will be one of the last EV adopters…

You pretty much just described the Electric GT…


While 0-60 time is one measure of performance, it is the most common measure used today.
By Tesla chasing after the raw acceleration records, everyone will associate Tesla with fastest car on the road.

Exactly. It’s a status thing.

At my age , there is no one out there whom I’d want to impress ., Except Me…

I can hardly wait for the second gen. Tesla Roadster. Or even more so when they decide to make a sports car capable and dedicated to track racing.

It’s also hard to imagine Tesla staying out of Formula E for more than a few years more. Seeing the old guard of Ferrari against the new kid on the block Tesla.

I cannot wait for Model S with 2170 cells..

They may actually stay at 100kWh, and just have a lighter, cheaper pack with 2170 cells.

It’s hard to say how that improves performance, but less weight won’t hurt!!!

It seems like the new formfactor + chemistry improvement gives about 30% improvement of pack level energy density. That would mean 30% less of weight on the heaviest component in the car, that would substantially improve acceleration without change in inverters or motors.

I belive that the 30% improvement is from the first Model S wish had a 85 kWh battery, sense then the battery capacity have risen 17% up to 100 kWh. But a 30% improvement over 85 kWh would mean a 110 kWh back, the question is just if they will try that or improve cooling and make the car lighter.

This is fascinating. Tesla didn’t dump the fastest version of Ludicrous Speed into the public’s hands right away. They teased it out, slowly over time, adding value to vehicles that were already sold and being used daily. Their cars are certifiably better after they were purchased.

The Next Gen Roadster will have to have neck braces built into the seats… Can’t wait to see what they do next, while I wait for my Model 3/Y.

No doubt Tesla wanted to see what their warranty exposure would be with the original setup. I really think Tesla lets their customers complete unfinished validation testing.

Gonna need a HANS device coupled with the car soon.

For the record, 0-60mph with 14% more force than gravity.

Man, what’s going to eventually happen to the company that makes the best turbocharger or blower? Relegated to the fate of buggy whip salesmen? My car’s now quicker than yours with a software update! Whew!?

I just want to know will the m3 perform the same.

I doubt it. I’m sure it will be plenty fast to compete with stock Mustangs and Camaros. But I suspect they’ll keep the Model-S as the high end performance.

They will probably have a performance version as well, but what is also interesting is to what extent they will be able to increase their performance of making it available at the 35000 $ price or possibly lower so that more people can make the transition to a pragmatic ev with long range and able to supercharge. That’s what really counts for massive numbers of ev reducing emissions.

I think the M3 will eventually have a high performance option and be faster, smaller lighter with the same drive train.

In the original unveil event one of the test ride vehicles was a performance version. And based on Musk’s comments, that will probably be the first one to ship.

It could take up to a year for base models to ship, like Model S and Model X. If people are waiting for a base 3, Xmas 2018 is probably the over/under right now.

These cars better have good headrests.


If you ain’t the first dog in the race, then your view is the same as all the rest

“Oh hell, son, I was high that day. That doesn’t make any sense at all, you can be second, third ,fourth… hell you can even be fifth!” – The Immortal Reese Bobby

Yet another tenth of a second shaved off.

At what point does Tesla start requiring centrifuge training before they’ll unlock the “Launch mode” for the driver? 😛

Probably around 1-1.5s for 0-60mph.

If lift off mode doesn’t make the cut soon, I will wonder where the Tesla-Space X Easter egg synergies are hiding.

At a moment it will reach a tire grip limit and they will have to resort to a superdraco pushing behind or some other solution. A magnetic levitation system on a metal ribbon road would be able to pull more through a linear motor but that is not for now and on Earth, perhaps for Mars since it would also help solve the low gravity problem there.

Elon Musk is using the Sergey Bubka strategy: Improve the performance by only 0.1 second at a time to create more free publicity.
Just like Bubka only improved his world records by 1 cm at a time, so he would get more publicity and prize and sponsor money every time he set a new world record. As a result Bubka broke the world record for men’s outdoor and indoor pole vault no less than 35 times combined.

That kind of acceleration in a street car is INCONCEIVABLE!

This car can go from 0 to 60 in the time it takes you to take a deep breath. That is some serious power.

It’s probably better to hold your breath while doing it.

All this absurd acceleration can & will Harm anyone will certain heath Issues..If this car came with a warning sticker it would probably scare certain potential buyers away..I’m surprised no-one has reported a heart attack or a stroke Yet…That would not be good for future Sales ..

I have an idea for warning sticker:
Jupiter gravity may occure’