Tesla Model S Software Update To Enable Highway Autosteer & Parallel Autopark Almost Ready For Release


It’s not the full-on autopilot yet, but according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Tesla Motors is almost ready to release a Model S software update that will enable both highway autosteer and parallel autopark is almost ready for release:

Elon Musk Tweet

Elon Musk Tweet

Musk adds that this update will be rolled out internationally, so Model S owners with compatible vehicles will get this feature both in the U.S. and abroad. And in typical Tesla fashion, the system will get better over time:

Elon Musk Tweet

Elon Musk Tweet

Apparently, there’s just one more tricky issue that has to be resolved before the release is ready:

Elon Musk Tweet

Elon Musk Tweet

You’ll find more details on the Model S’ future autopilot capabilities here.

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23 Comments on "Tesla Model S Software Update To Enable Highway Autosteer & Parallel Autopark Almost Ready For Release"

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After watching some failed auto-parallel-park videos, I don’t think I would let my $100K car parallel park itself. Especially with the low-profile tires.

european point of view

and also : Tesla is almost ready (in 2025) to sell millions of cars .

Another feature being retroactively added to the Model S, better start shorting TSLA.

ok.. will do!

You will lose your shorts if you put your money Rhee your mouth is, but I bet you are just trolling, and thus, fine…


Dependence on lane markers won’t work in Texas. Dusk or not. ELR can’t ‘see’ them most of the time. I turned off lane-keeping-assist since it is worthless. All it does in ELR is buzz the seat or ding whichever way it is configured. Not real helpful when you take a line through curves. Annoying actually.

Also, I know how to drive. Parallel parking automagically is not needed.

I wouldn’t use it either, esp in an expensive car, but I could see the technology being useful for some.



Hahaha thanks for the good laugh!!

Oh my – 12-15 minutes to parallel park, plus assistance.

Electric cars with better range and performance is good but there start to be a problem with all the unnecessary and even undesirable automatization and potential hacking that tend to come with it. We should be careful not to frighten people away from electrics by force-feeding excessive electronic controls and unwanted self driving features. In the end people are going to be so sick of it that they will get back to a vintage ford Capri.

Scaring of consumers by adding features that are already available on most luxury cars and even in many mid level cars…

I highly doubt it. 🙂

And if there is a feature someone don’t want to use, then don’t use it. It’s not harder than that. And leave the features to the masses that want them.

CEOs should never use the word, “almost.” Almost doesn’t count. Neither does bragging about unreleased products and aspirational goals. That’s wanker behavior.

You would know….

Tesla is releasing 2nd quarter financial results after the markets close on Wednesday, which will almost certainly show a loss GAAP and non-GAAP. Any tweets from Elon now and until then are intended to put a positive spin on Tesla and keep Tesla’s stock price propped up.

As long as auto pilot can be disabled or adjusted I think its a excellent addition.

As someone who use to drive a hour to work every morning on the highway i wish i had a warning when i fell asleep one morning and drove in the ditch. luckily no one was around and i didn’t over react a roll it.

But I can think of many early morning and late night drives where i would love to turn some kind of warning on just in case.

Getting Model X and Model 3 out to market on time is more important than auto pilot and auto park.

Autonomous driving features are not something I would rush to market. I hope they know what they’re doing on this one, given the liability.

Like “AutoPilot” on a plane, the liability is with the person behind the wheel, doing the “Driving”.

Hmmm… interesting.

Let’s see: GM had a defect with their ignition switches, people died, and GM was made accountable.

However, if Tesla has a defect with their “autopilot” (highway autosteer), and people die because of it, Tesla is not held accountable?

GM’s problem would shut down the car and prevent you from steering, hence the liability.
Tesla’s auto steer will be just like the one used in BMW, Mercedes, Lexus… the car will do a lot of the work for you if you let it, but you can take over at any time. There in is the difference where the driver is now responsible.

Altho I’m enthusiastic about Tesla, still I wonder what the definition of “almost” is, in “almost ready”.

Elon, quit teasing and start producing the Model X, already!

Here in Philadelphia, we are taught how to parallel park as soon as we learn to walk.