Watch Tesla Model S Smoke Dodge Challenger SRT 392


You’d think Challenger owners would learn that trying to beat a Tesla on the strip is not a wise choice.

There’s sort of a strange rivalry between the Tesla Model S and the Dodge Challenger. The reason we say strange is that it really makes no sense for a number of reasons. But hey, it’s two very fast cars that are most successful in a straight line and offer plenty of passenger and cargo space in comparison to most track cars.

Nonetheless, time and time again we see this matchup resurface. Dodge went so far as to produce an even quicker variant – the Demon – in an attempt to finally top the Tesla Model S P100D, but when it didn’t seal the deal, the automaker added a disclaimer, which all but admits that the Tesla is quicker.

In this particular race, the matchup is a bit different. The Tesla Model S is a P85 (rather than the top-of-the-line P100D) and, similarly, the Challenger SRT 392 is the lesser sibling of Dodge’s Hellcat and Demon variants. Still, its 6.4-liter V8 engine churns out 485 hp and 470 pound-feet of torque. It’s often a champion when it comes to drag racing … unless there happens to be a Tesla in the house.

As you can see in the video above, the SRT gets a solid start. How much difference does that make in the end?

Video Description via Wheels on YouTube:

Tesla model S P 85 takes on Dodge Challenger SRT 392 in 1/4 mile drag race.

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Warren M

The following are recorded times on similar vehicles:
12.3 at 113mph. 392 Challenger SRT
12.11 at 113.37 2018 Tesla 100D, (as tested by me this morning)
10.99 at 120.60 2017 Tesla P100D (as tested by myself also)

So the Challenger on this run had issues. He was hitting over rev-cutout, and his trap speed of 79mph is slower than a Honda Civic as he was coasting through the finish line. Obviously not a representative run.

10.96 at 119.95mph on that Tesla P85D, with the new nose cone? I don’t know, but those numbers are almost identical to my run in the 2017 P100D. I would almost bet money that there is no way this is a P85D in that video.


It’s a “rebadged” P100D. Putting the lower end badges on a P100D so not to scare all the takers off, but then they get schooled and are left wondering “WTF” and are really scared to take on a real P100D if that was only a P85D

Robert Weekley

Nice! “Sleeper” car trick? Like Hidden Nitrous System that Pink Slip Racers used to do?

Your Dad

It didn’t have issues – the driver just gave up.

Robert Weekley

He had a “WTF” Moment! Then it Hit Him Square On! “F…, I’ve just been Whipped, by a ‘Golf Cart on Steroids’, dang it! Ahhh… Fugedaboudit!”


I used to love the sound of performance ICE machines. After owning a Tesla, I now liken the sound to a different ice machine- the kind you find at a burger restaurant..

philip d

That Challenger had a terrible run. With that time even the Model 3 would have beat him by a second.


As others have said, this is a bad run by the ICE car. But that is actually part of the point of what the disadvantages are of ICE cars at the drag strip. The “bad run” keeps coming up often with ICE cars. Much more often then with EV’s.

And when there is a “bad run” on an EV, the impact is much less than with an ICE. Here the ICE bad run puts an SRT into Honda numbers. When we see Tesla’s have a bad run it means they just left the light late (or early) or are off by a few percent from a good run.


So what your saying is it really takes no actual driving skill to run an ev.


Reaction time is about it for drag racing. Add turns and you’ve got a driving experience!


Why do you ask? Do you have zero driving skills, and need advise on a car to buy?

Your Dad

How much “skill” does it take to run an ICE car with automatic transmission like all the modern super cars?

Robert Weekley

1/4 Mile Tracks, just like a Road Course, has its own elements to learn, as much as a driver needs to determine what their own reaction time is, and the cars response rate, compared to the “Christmas Tree” timing on the drop to go!

Since Both Drivers can also get a split or different Timing, if requested, such tracks can have multiple variables to learn! Being a Regular at any given track is helpful, too!

Your Dad

This is not a P85. It just cannot run 10.9.

Robert Weekley

See comments above that explain that gig!
I commented on the explanation!


smoke a demon and I will be impressed


Look at the ford fusion electric plug in both electric and gas.


The challenger may not win in that race with the Tesla running 10s but it’s faster than a 14 second car. The driver obviously doesn’t know how to drive. First mistake was zero burnout. My 99 stock dodge neon ran 14s and that was with 150hp.